Cool & Dre Talk Chemistry, The Game, Cash Money

NBC Nitecap w/ Peter Bailey to talk with Cool & Dre about how the two producer met and originally formed an R&B group, current projects, and the duo’s chemistry when working together. Cool & Dre also talk about working with Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Jadakiss, Cash Money, and The Game.

You can never dictate what a hit is going to be. What you can dictate is a special record that gives you a special feeling.

5 thoughts on “Cool & Dre Talk Chemistry, The Game, Cash Money”

  1. yo guys trip me out. You see a video about producers making money and living off what they do. Then post up spam saying 5 beats for 5 bucks. lol what are you going to buy with that a big mac and some fries.

    • yo man you made my day with that comment bro ! the day just started 6:19 am in the netherlands here and i still have to get some sleep and work later on this day ! youre comment was on point…. like Den en den den de den, It’s the joint ! hahaaa

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