Chin Injeti & DJ Khalil Talk Fight Night Championship

Producers DJ Khalil and Chin Injeti talk about working on the soundtrack for Fight Night Championship from EA Sports. Khalil and Chin Injeti also lay down a challenge to fellow producer 9th Wonder stating that he’ll get “whooped!”

We were going through this phase where we wanted everything to sound like Apocalypse Now

5 thoughts on “Chin Injeti & DJ Khalil Talk Fight Night Championship”

  1. chin injeti doin big things, you make vancity proud!!! much respect to dj khalil also holding it down.

  2. I don’t even have an Xbox but I may just buy this game to watch my roommate play…the game looks ridiculous and it’s been too long since I heard some new Khalil beats!!!

  3. I remember Chin Injeti from when he was with Bass Is Bass. It’s cool to see him doing big things.

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