iCrates iPhone App: The Perfect Digging Companion


Now here’s something that may interest crate diggers and record fiends who are looking for a new piece of technology. The iCrate iPhone app, which bills itself as the ultimate search tool for record collectors and crate diggers, provides mobile crate diggers with such features as a barcode scanner, record rarity, average selling prices, current offers, audio samples, location tagging, and guides to the best record stores around the world.

The iCrates app gives instant access to the biggest music databases and marketplaces such as Discogs, eBay, Amazon and iTunes. Users find detailed information on releases, artists and labels while searching for music in record stores or on flea markets.

At $1.99 iCrates may be worth grabbing.

Visit iCrates for more info or grab the app.

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25 thoughts on “iCrates iPhone App: The Perfect Digging Companion”

  1. Nice post; I personally wouldn’t be too interested in this app….it really takes the fun out of learning about musicians and discovering & loving new sounds. Same with beatmakers listening to records in the store before buying them. Didn’t digging used to be about surprises anyway? Producing about making do with what you got? Sometimes technology makes things too easy and people lazy. etc. I could go on and on…..Thanks.

    • No doubt!
      But I wonder how rare is rare if they have all this info allready in the system? I also wonder if by reading the barcode of the album how far back does the app go?
      Like if i scan a super rare bob james”Take me to the mardi gras” 12inch with no drums would it know if it’s true or not?
      J/J a la biz markie. LOL LOL.
      Might have to get it to price my record collection to sale though. 🙂

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    no brainer

  3. Great app,but I can dig on my own. It`s all about the find,the discovery of a gem. I don`t want assistance on my digging missions. I want to be surprised. I may not always find a certain break or album,but I always find something, and that`s fun to me. That is already a lost art. I just want to keep it fun.

  4. I can see where this is going…

    The next app will be called iCheat, for people to drop their samples and pre chopped drums into it and the app creates the best composition with the type of drums and samples you have uploaded.

    Why don’t we all just chop are hands off and and melt our brains, we don’t need them anymore. A computer can do it all for us…..


  5. really like this one! helps me find lots of great records in short time.
    cool feature is that you can send emails to your friends, showing them the records you just digged!

  6. the ONLY way this could be of any help is if it was created by another (very knowledgable) crate digger,otherwise there is no way apple knows how to help someone dig. this app is for people who “buy to resale” records based off of past sales.

  7. just checked it out its kinda cool the barcode scanner doesnt really work good .. Plus old records don’t have barcodes… I tried scanning alot of classic records and couldnt even find it kinda lame .. also whats cool about it is the magazine part where you can read about old rare artists, stories about collectors and artists, and reviews of records; it kinda reminds me of waxpoetics magazine alot of cool stuff … This app has no way of helping me makes beats or chopping my samples or picking what sample i would use … it doesnt even id samples or anything like that … just cool app im sure they will update n make it better seems pretty brand new …

  8. This is called cheating… Go ahead and use it if you want, but real diggers know what’s up. You may be able to pick up some tight records, but you can’t learn from this shit. Digging is about knowledge and finding good music through that knowledge, not making money from some stupid app.

  9. using it to sell records i already own might be nice- might save some time from a google search or something. might be good if i owned a store.

    taking this to a shop as a dj would be about the most pointless thing i can imagine doing.

  10. Lately I feel like I’m reading the classifieds section of the newspaper when I come here.

    As for the app I’m with DJ Ill One, lucas, & Digger.

  11. if you call this cheating can you imagine what the musicians on that record youre sampling are saying about us?

    • well i don’t know bout the app, actually i dont care since i dont own an iphone, but that’s some real talk. Of course digging is supposed to be kinda random, with ur feelings n ur guts, but why not an app when ur out of town ? Calling this cheating is kinda be jealous of the knowledge a “beginner” could get out of that. I mean FL studio and Reason are around, but we still rockin’ our Mpc. Like when people talked shit about records especially made for deejays/scratching, like it was cheating. Those are tools, use em if u need em.

  12. Didn’t read the responses but I saw some say it would take the fun out of digging. Now I don’t think you would look up every dollar bin record in the store. I see it as a tool for when someone is trying to sell you this supa dupa rarity that’s worth a lot money. You pull out the app, check it out, and get to bargaining if its worth your time.

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