Next Level Vinyl Chops… Literally!

Call it art, vinyl hacking, or auto-turntablism, here multiple records are physically broken down then reconstructed to make 2 unique discs.  Things get even more interesting when two turntables are set up to simultaneously play the same record.  Instant DIY Madlib?

Audiowood Turntables Are Handmade Goodness


If the cold metal and hard lines of the Technics 12000 just don’t seem natural, perhaps you’ll prefer Joel Scilley’s unique collection of handmade wooden turntables that are warm in both sight and sound. 

The custom turntables feature Origin Live DC motor controllers, quality bearings, and Origin Live/Rega arms.  No word about pricing, but let’s assume that if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

See the full Audiowood turntable collection.

[via Boing Boing]

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Artist Joe Buck Reinterprets The Renaissance Album Cover

We pretty much love any album cover with a sampler and vinyl on it.  Designer Joe Buckingham aka Joe Buck has begun an ongoing series of album cover reinterpretations entitled ReVisions.  Notice the addition of turntables, records, mics, and speakers… it’s a beautiful thing. See Joe Buck’s website for more info about the series.

Polymoog Coffee Table For Analog Synth Junkies


The next best thing to actually making music is looking like you’re making music.   What better way to look the part than to have a Polymoog coffee table parked in the middle of your living room.  This handmade Polymoog coffee table was created from an actual Polymoog and features gloss laminated vinyl graphics along with two built in drawers. 

Check out the auction and go make a bid.

[via MS]

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The Alchemist Explains “The Cookbook EP” Cover Art Download

Producer extraordinaire The Alchemist explains the inspiration and concept for the cover art of "The Cookbook EP".  Go grab the complete cover art as free download over at his MySpace page. Random thought:  Why do artists, established or otherwise, continue to push MySpace as a main starting point for their promotional efforts?  Buggy interface, poor … Read more

War Is Over! Musically Speaking

Musically speaking… War Is Over!  At least that’s the case for students at the University of Arizona, Tucson area where I’m told these posters are popping up.  Created with the intention of being a thought provoking statement for viewers to find their own meaning, there’s obviously much that’s open to individual interpretation. What does meaning … Read more

Swizz Beatz Enters The Fine Arts

Swizz Beatz goes beyond music and steps into the world of canvas and paint.  He takes a moment to speak with the NY Post about his appreciation for greats such as Salvador  Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Herring, and Andy Warhol, then goes on to talk about their influence on his own work. [via Miss Info]