War Is Over! Musically Speaking


Musically speaking… War Is Over!  At least that’s the case for students at the University of Arizona, Tucson area where I’m told these posters are popping up.  Created with the intention of being a thought provoking statement for viewers to find their own meaning, there’s obviously much that’s open to individual interpretation.

What does meaning do you find in the above statement?

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  1. Wow, that’s kind of difficult. The first thing that came to my mind is that the war for creativity is over. There are still soldiers fighting, but the majority of the troops have given in, thrown up their white flags, and taken the easy route. No longer do they feel the need to impress their peers with something new and original; to the contrary they are content to be generic and do whatever is acceptable by commercial standards. There is no fight in em, no lust for creativity.

  2. love the original message from John Lennon’s give peace a change posters “War is Over, If You Want It”… I don’t understand too well what the creator of this poster is exactly trying to say. But, I can see that the creator wants us to find our own meaning from it. I think, it is more of a parody… was isn’t over at all in anyting! But, I guess I can sense some hope from this poster/message stating that musically speaking war is over, and therefore, litle by little wars will be over beginning with that of music (which isn’t actually a big deal…how about the real wars out???)….. love the concept going around here, but, and im not feeling it very much…

  3. Your probably right Cai…I will be sure to load up my Lil John “Southern Kit” Claps and get to making hits ASAP.

  4. “The meaning, I guess, is too deep for even I to know”

    Does it mean the war is over because Loop Analysis has dominated it?
    -I think so. 🙂

  5. Much apologies to Cratekings for recieving merchant threats due to false posting of flyers. The true meaning has nothing to do with the actual quote. Just another way of explaining the meaning we made behind it. We created a series of posters that represent what we think about music today. For any other info just message us on our website. Once again sorry Semantik, We owe you one.

  6. @Loop Analysis

    No problem bro… luckily the situation was diffused without any problems. Even though this wasn’t an ideal situation, your support of the site is always appreciated.

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