DJ Premier x Ludacris In Studio For Theater of The Mind

Hold on to your turntables and get ready to make a dash for you samplers… DJ Premier steps in studio with Ludacris.  In this clip DJ Premier rips apart a Ludacris vocal snippet with his classic cuts and goes on to talk about Luda’s standing in the history of MC’ing.

13 thoughts on “DJ Premier x Ludacris In Studio For Theater of The Mind”

  1. YO! not to blow up Primo’s spot on this one but I had always wondered if producers like Primo used drum break records, you know like the drum library records. The record he is holding in the afterward interview is a drum break record put out by Rawkus in 98 called Fun With Drums…dope! no more wondering I guess,(although dude probably owns every original record that the drum break record selects from so I guess his dues are paid and then some)

  2. LMFAO

    A tie????? Are u fucking serious???? Have some respect man, Thats like me saying Prodigy wouldn’t work with Alchemist after hearing my shit


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