DJ Shiftee VS DJ Nelson At DMC Battle

1,803 thoughts on “DJ Shiftee VS DJ Nelson At DMC Battle”

  1. Fair battle. Nelson was the clear winner from what I see on this video. And it looked like a unanimous decision from the judges and crowd.

    Shiftee can scratch but his sets were totally boring compared to Nelson’s slightly less technical but more entertaining and hype routines.

  2. that dude in the freakin audience pissed me off!!!! good or bad… dude showed no respect for the dj MEYN!!! it was a fair judge.

  3. the judging was fair…this reminds of a quote from the great movie Style Wars

    “Style wins over Technique every time”

  4. Style wins over technique every time? Yeah maybe in the fashion industry. you’re an idiot. does kung fu win over thai boxing or jujitsu. It looks prettier, but when was the last time a kung fu master won any mma belt of significance? Oh, one year later, WhO takes the golden tables home. Thats right, Shiftee. Eat it nukkuhs. I know this is out of context, but just proving a point. Technique is equally important. Don’t get me wrong, Nelson is incredible but style ain’t anything without the right technique behind it.

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