Swizz Beatz Enters The Fine Arts

Swizz Beatz goes beyond music and steps into the world of canvas and paint.  He takes a moment to speak with the NY Post about his appreciation for greats such as Salvador  Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Herring, and Andy Warhol, then goes on to talk about their influence on his own work.

[via Miss Info]

581 thoughts on “Swizz Beatz Enters The Fine Arts”

  1. Its a good look on swizz beatz! Now he could show the world visually. Check out my sites. I’m a up coming visual artist looking to expose more of my work. I’ve done work for pro athletes to artist like Jermaine Dupri. Keep doing your thang swizz beatz and I’m looking forward to doing some networking wit you if you ever see this comment. Thanks!

  2. Man…dude is wack. He’s a fake. Music is fake & his art is fake. Slapping cutout pics on stuff & calling it a painting.

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