Veho USB Turntable Adds Style To Vinyl Technology


We’ve seen quite a few USB turntables making the rounds lately, but the one offered by Veho adds some nice curves and a classy finish to complete the package.  Connect the Veho USB turntable to your computer and record audio to WAV, which can then be exported to whatever format you desire.  

Available at Gizoo for $100, you can be sure that it won’t break the bank either.

[via GA]

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8 thoughts on “Veho USB Turntable Adds Style To Vinyl Technology”

  1. It looks ok, but it’d have to be behind some glass. In this forum I tend to look at tables and judge durability instead of visual appeal. My 1200MK2 looks like a retired tank and still works flawlessly.

  2. I still prefer my 12’s also… at this point they’re now going on 13 years old and still work flawlessly. Only thing is that they’re a little pricey for people that aren’t completely committed to to dj’ing.

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