J Dilla – Behind The Beat (Home Studio Poster)

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Crate Kings readers surely know by now the pictorial greatness of the book Behind The Beat, a collection of photos of producer home studios.

Stones Throw has come together with photographer Raph Rashid to make one of the most memorable photos from the book available as a 28 x 28 inch poster printed on flat (non-gloss) paper. The poster, which is only $12 and worthy of mounting in any studio, is sure to inspire greatness in anyone willing to will to embrace it.

Back in 2005, photographer Raph Rashid was hoping to complete a book of hip-hop home studios by getting pics of J Dilla at work in Los Angeles. Unknown to all but a small circle of people at the time, J Dilla had been in and out of the hospital all year dealing with increasingly serious health problems. It was summer, during a brief period when Dilla was home, working on The Shining, looking and feeling good, when Raph came to take this picture. It was published with others later that year in his book Behind the Beat: Hip-Hop Home Studios.

Head over to the Stones Throw online store to grab your own.

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    • If you’re using nearfield monitors the size of your room barely matters, especially if you are used to how your gear sounds. I’ve moved my mixing setup to like 5 different rooms in the last 4 years and it’s not a problem.

      • but dilla didnt do final mixes at his house this is just a pre production set up. When it got as far as he could take it, then he would take it and track it at a Studio. Plus if your not tracking live instruments, besides the bass everything else is inconsequential. But if your shit is bass heavy farfield monitors are a must.

  1. I think I will cop this and frame it just because. I like how the picture show’s Dilla doing what he represented. MPC, some wax and a few extra ingredients. I don’t know how that would be considered “sonic hell” but I guess there are more than a few out there to explain. God bless this man’s soul.

  2. Madlib’s Studio looks like a gear slut’s wet dream when he gets tired with one he moves to another in his One Man Musical Worker Bee A Vinyl collection well organized and can’t help to think that all that music is wonderfully compartmentalized in his subconscious oozing out in his musical genius flowing in ever growing projects.

  3. Could do what I did…
    Buy the BOOK! I couldn’t wait for it to drop years back just for those Dilla photo’s (rare indeed) – I cut them out with an exacto knife and framed them. Left the rest of the book intack and is a good coffee table piece in the lab. 9×9 frames will be needed but it’s well worth it once on the wall. Plus the book has the closeups of J tapping the pads on the coveted 3000 (used in the stussy shirts)
    Bunk Stones Throw – Steady trying to capitalize of Dilla…

    Long live J Dilla

    • stones throw is one of the few labels that support their artist they were instrumental in putting out dillas work they way it should be. What u think doughnuts (or madlib or doom) would soundlike if it was on a major ? we wouldnt know because it would never come out becuase it would not be a commercially viable product. RESPECT to penut butter wolf and that whole crew.

      • @Silas,
        Ehh..on the independent tip – I’m all good with Stones Throw representing they artist and doing what they do. They make big moves for an indie. No disagreement. Big Madlib fan..of course… along with other artist on the roster.

        What would donuts sound like on any other label or distribution you ask? Like DONUTS man! Cut it out… Did you love Fantastic Vol. 2? Im not a fan of Barak records and how they handle artist (R.J. Rice Sr. jerked Dilla) but the product will go down in history..Forever! Welcome to Detroit /BBE? – Dope – All the stuff Dilla did for others on majors – Tribe, De la, Roots, DAngelo, etc…All good. So what is you sayin?
        Even his beat tapes (sparsely distributed) but it had nothing to do with the end result of Dilla’s wizardry. Banging..

        Stones throw has gone out of their way to try and make a buck off Dilla ever since he passed. Not only that ..they act as though they the Dilla police and the end all say all. Shut peoples stuff down just for trying to spread Dilla to the Masses and other suspect dealings..They foolish for the way they go about it too…
        I’m sorry but to a certain degree I think they have hindered his legacy and tainted it. It’s cool if you don’t agree..just my opinion..

        All love …
        Pay Jay

        • I agree with you to a point because when they released the last Dilla project (the one with serato vinyl) the leftover dilla beats, I don`t think they would have seen the light of day if he was alive. I think they should have left it at Donuts and just did tributes. But that`s my opinion.

          • Exactly what I’m talking about! As much of a perfectionist as he was about his music, c’mon. I commented then about that. That track alone puts shade on a legendary discography. Why do that for a quick buck and traffic to ya site? C’mon…At the same time I do like other moves they make just not all the ones in relation to Dilla. R.I.P

          • Actually, I believe that a lot of the proceeds from Dilla material that Stones Throw sells goes directly to support Ma Dukes (Dillas Mom). I got nothing but respect for that

        • They did Jimi Hendrix the same way after he passed. Anybody who had something on tape of the man during his lifetime put it on wax and for sale, it’s just human nature. I wont completely say Stone’s Throw is at fault for putting Dilla’s shit out for the world to consume, I would only hope that some of those proceeds would go toward his estate/foundation/Mom/Kids to make things right, feel me?

          The funny part about the whole debate amongst all these cats is if they had access to all these Dilla tracks they would just file share like mad and his family would never benefit from the sales! Thats worse than robbing a dead mans house and selling his shit.

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