88-Keys – Beats No more: Operation Delete Beats


I’m sure a lot of producers and overall file hoarders can relate to the most recent dilemma of producer 88-Keys. The combination of a lack of disk space and heavy New York snow finally pushed the producer over the edge to delete some of his old beats. Before doing so he was kind enough to upload 26 joints (so far) into a collection entitled Beats No More for our listening pleasure.


Recently I’ve been reorganizing the way I catalogue my beats to keep track of ‘em & to locate beats faster as I both (potentially) sell them & make them. Early this afternoon, while coming up with a new & more proficient way catalogue my existing & future drum samples, I noticed that I ran out of space on one of my Iomega 250 zip drive disks.

So here they go for your amusement. By no means am I saying these are the freshest batch of beats you’ve ever heard or anything but these were all unfinished “ideas” I laid down 7+ years ago & never went back to. A few of these beats have backstory to them, which I shall get into on my blog posts in the near future. Some funny stories. Some “shocking”. All interesting… In my humble opinion.

Grab Beat No More and read the full commentary from 88-Keys.

8 thoughts on “88-Keys – Beats No more: Operation Delete Beats”

  1. i appreciate what he did ,but cant he just buy another hard drive? maybe im just a file hoarder but i hate deleting anything

  2. Hey Keys what new method of filing your tracks are you using? If it’s not Top secret let a brother in on it. I’ve tried by date made that’s my current method. I use to try & name em but over time We forget them by name.

    • Word I usually do it by year folder, then month folder, and some times location. That way even if u can’t remember the name u can kinda pinpoint when the beat was made and look in that folder

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