The Hip-Hop Belt: DJ’ing & Sampling By Design

No longer do you have to be a superhero to wear a do-it-all utility belt. Emily Carr design students Justin Alm and Jack Curtis created The Hip-Hop Belt, an “educational tool for younger children” to assist in learning about hip-hop DJ’ing and sampling. The belt features a mixer, two turntables w/ rotary sensors, and an ultrasonic sensitive kill switch.

Visit Emily Carr for more details and hit the break for video of The Hip-Hop Belt in action!

2,154 thoughts on “The Hip-Hop Belt: DJ’ing & Sampling By Design”

  1. Ha! Gotta love Canadians!

    Wish they would have demonstrated everything. Be cool to see it all in action.

  2. That dude ‘Illskillz’ was moaning that you never feature videos of unknown producers like him, and then you go and feature stuff like this……..smh
    Is it supposed the be funny or a spoof or ironic or what?…I dont get it.

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