Red Bull Big Tune Invitationals @ SXSW 2010

Jake One, Vitamin D, Jonathan Moore, and DJ DV 1 take production fans on another battle based journey during the Red Bull Big Tune Invitationals, which took place at the SXSW music conference.

1st round: QB the Problem vs Ryan Lewis, Mr. Incredible vs 14KT, Budo vs Showstoppers, and Brainstorm vs FKI.

2nd Round Semi-Finals: QB the Problem vs Budo and Brainstorm vs 14KT.

Final Round: Budo vs 14KT

Hit the break for 2nd and final round highlights!

99 thoughts on “Red Bull Big Tune Invitationals @ SXSW 2010”

  1. i like the way brainstorm flipped that joint he did.

    but 14kt!?!?? he won that contest. i mess with him. i still bump his last beat tape.

  2. Hell yeah, I strongly suggest dl’ing 14kt’s free beat tapes, he also recently released a beat mix with Rhetmattic on his twitter… go get em.

  3. I absolutely love red bull beat battles. But what I really like in this vid in particular is the way they both seemed to be very good sportsmen and genuinly enjoyed each others music and showed mutual love. Dope, real feel good ish! Producers never beef like childish rappers, lol.

    • I’ve thrown a lot of freestyle battles locally and have participated in beat battles. There is a helluva lot less arrogance in the beat maker community. There’s also a better turnout and crowd response from beat battles.

  4. I love my Northwest brethren, but I gotta go with 14kt on this.

    What up with the way producers dance? hahaha

    • Ehhh, I wouldn’t go THAT far but I’ve def. heard quite a bit better from all of these dudes…they probably had to make some of these on the fly though…I don’t know…:)

  5. Red Bukk Beat Battles, am I the only one who feels that Hip Hop gets raped by these sort of things?

  6. @Michael: Hip Hop gets raped in almost every Hip Hop related event these days.

    I respect the hustle of these beatmakers, but can someone tell me the fascination with watching some guy press play on a cd player, then jumping around like some idiot??
    I honestly don’t understand these “beat battles”.

    Out before the first one that calls me a hater.

  7. Yo Willis be a hater man, j/k

    People like it because its something new. It will get old like the DMC DJ battles unless people start making some crazy ass shit.


  8. yo willis, i agree 100%. it’d be more interesting if cats were given a selection of samples and had to go in on the spot and put a few joints together. there was an ill battle i heard about where a jazz band opened, their opening set was recorded, and then producers had to sample something fromt that set and battle with it.

    pressing play – and then doing a corny dance?!? – man…i don’t know…

  9. The thing about the battles are not the dancing,but when the beat drops ,and the reaction from the crowd. The dance is a confidence thing. If you can dance and move to it, the crowd might also. It`s a adrenalline rush you get when you hear your beats on a big system.

  10. adding to what Willis Reed said said, I think more all “Hip-Hop” producers need to be DJs. That way when you grab something from your crate and scratch it as you play your beat…Atleast that’s what I plan on doing if I ever enter a beat contest

  11. And @ Ian head. You must remember that not everyone in that battle samples. You could have a battle like that,but think about it. Would you rather have that kind of battle where people are making beats on the spot and end up with a bunch of lackluster beats,or would you want them to take thier time and come with the best they could make in thier own time? When you are in that battle,it`s for everything. So why not come with your best and set it off? It sounds like a great idea,but with time constraints,it wouldn`t be the best battle it could be in my opinion.

    • Peace Ill One I see ya point, but I think that if you have skilled producers in the competition then they will be able to come up with something dope using a recording of the live set. The only way you would have a bunch of lackluster beats is if you had wack producers in the mix. The concept Ian Head mentioned sounds like more of an actual battle than the whole pressing play & dancing around thing to me. I guess both have their place.

      • I think what you said in the last sentence pretty much sums it all up. I’ve heard of beat battles where beat makers are given a sample and both have to flip it in a certain amount of time so ya, both kinds of competitions have their place. This one just has the biggest audience and most exposure cause it’s sponsored by a large company.

  12. It sounds like some of ya’ll need to check out next season’s louisden competitions…each producer is given the same sample, then they get a week to make a beat out of it. Sounds like something pretty close to what you guys are lookin for.

  13. yo ill one, i feel you – i guess, my point is that if i’m going to go out and see someone perform, i wanna see them perform – not play pre-recorded music. for instance – in dj battles, they’ve practiced the crap outta their routines, but they still gotta put that down live and not fk up. which makes it all the more amazing to watch (if you’re into that stuff). in the end, it is what it is and i’m not a big proponent of battles anyway – obviously (from my posts) i’m more into the creative nerdy aspect of watching cats assemble their ish and how they do it.

    still – a lot of that dancing gets a big ed lover ‘CMON, SON!’

  14. I want information on how I can become apart of this years (2011) competition , contact me at 301-283-1822. I am out of the DC, Maryland and Va area.

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