12 Online Music Promo Mistakes And How To Fix Them


One of the primary goals of Crate Kings is to highlight noteworthy up-and-coming producers while offering readers insight into the minds and work of established producers. During this time I’ve seen a great number innovative methods used to gain attention and what seems like an infinite number of ways to become permanently ignored.

Thanks to technology and new promotional and distribution tools, independent musicians and artists now have an unprecedented amount of freedom and access. However, along with this newfound freedom, some things still remain quite challenging. One of the toughest tasks that remain for independent musicians and artists is how to correctly go about online promotional activities without offending and alienating the very same media outlets that they are attempting to gain attention from.

Hopefully after reading this post you’ll be able to avoid a few costly online music promotional mistakes, some of which range from minor technical errors and time wasting to indirectly insulting those that might like to otherwise work with you.

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Most Slept On Hip-Hop Producers (Nominations)


Earlier today there was a conversion on twitter about who Crate Kings readers thought was the most slept-on producer. I have to be honest. I was surprised and reminded of a lot of people that had somehow slipped my mind. By the way, if you haven’t followed Crate Kings on twitter yet, do it now.

Here’s your chance to get in on the conversation. Add your nomination to the list of most slept-on hip-hop producers in the comments section. In a few days we’ll post a poll to make the selection official.

UPDATE: It’s clear that the list has spiraled out of control and a poll isn’t going to work for a number for reasons.  First, there’s been the question of the definition of “slept-on” and who actually qualifies.  Second, the list has become way too long.  The good thing is that this has turned out to be one of the most interesting conversations that we’ve had here in quite some time.  Please keep the comments coming.

Reader nominated producers:

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Clean Vinyl Records With Wood Glue aka The Vinyl Facelift

All vinyl collectors and DJ’s share the same never ending annoyance, dust and grime on records. To deal with these issues, more adventurous vinyl collectors have tried more than their fair share of DIY methods and treatments, some of them a little crazier than others. This particular treatment happens to include, of all things, wood … Read more

Inside DJ Spinna’s Home Studio

I’ve personally been a big fan of DJ Spinna for over a decade and ever since first catching a glimpse of his studio inside of the book Behind The Beat, I’ve been curious as to what a closer look inside would yield.  Luckily for us, DJ Spinna was kind enough to open his doors and … Read more

Vinyl Giveaway w/ KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip

It’s about that time for another vinyl giveaway… this time we’re gonna hit off (2) lucky readers each with an exclusive, limited edition copy of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series featuring KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip. Smirnoff Signature Mix Series Vinyl: "Criminal Minded ’08" – KRS One (Produced by DJ Premier) "The Light ’08" – … Read more

Visions of Beat Digging

This morning I was jolted awake by visions of finding a mint copy of Skull Snaps deep in the back of a dusty flea market dealer’s stacks.  Something just clicked and I decided to take a break from the development of Crate Kings to blow everything off and go digging in the crates.  I grabbed … Read more

BeatTips Manual by Sa’id – Review

In addition to providing an outlet for my musical rants, obsessions, and other mental wanderings; one of my favorite aspects of running Crate Kings is the increased ability to run into great products and people.  I am a self admitted fiend for anything production or Hip-Hop related and will scour the ends of the earth … Read more

Digging for Treasure at the Bay State Beat Market

I haven’t been able to dig too much lately, so this afternoon I decided to take a break from working on the Science Skateboards Mix CD and headed over to the Bay State Beat Market record sale over at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA with the hopes of picking up something to satisfy my … Read more

10 Vinyl Record Digging Secrets

Someone recently heard an advance copy of my soon to be released 100 Breaks Part 2 mix and asked how I found all the samples. The funny thing is that I really didn’t have a clear answer and was forced to sit back and analyse all the record research and digging habits that have become … Read more