Digging for Treasure at the Bay State Beat Market

I haven’t been able to dig too much lately, so this afternoon I decided to take a break from working on the Science Skateboards Mix CD and headed over to the Bay State Beat Market record sale over at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA with the hopes of picking up something to satisfy my vinyl urges. I couldn’t find anything worth taking home, but did run into a record dealer who tried his best to sell me a water damaged Joe Tex record while explaining that the condition of the cover doesn’t matter if you really love the music. The event would have been a great event if I had been looking for Hip-Hop or R&B promos, but today I needed some of that good stuff… I needed those samples.

To get the fix I so desperately needed, I headed down the block to Cheapo records where there was an ample selection of Soul, Jazz and second rate repressings (I still don’t understand who buys these things, but that we’ll save that tirade for another day). I also found two crackheads in the back of the store screaming at each other about Bruce Lee, horror flicks, weight gaining tactics and workout tips. After digging for a while and having an intense self debate over an Idris Muhammad record with a taped cover, I ran across Odyssey by Charles Earland and Bridges by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson (for those who don’t know this contains the sample for Brown Skin Lady by Black Star). All in all it was a decent day with great weather, dope records and dusty fingers.


Joints I’m Feeling Right Now:

1. Jay Z – Kingdome Come
2. J Dilla – Unreleased Beat Tape #3
3. J Dilla – Ruff Draft EP
4. J Dilla – Da 1st Installment
5. Kurious – A Constipated Monkey

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