Vinyl Giveaway w/ KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip


It’s about that time for another vinyl giveaway… this time we’re gonna hit off (2) lucky readers each with an exclusive, limited edition copy of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series featuring KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip.

Smirnoff Signature Mix Series Vinyl:
"Criminal Minded ’08" – KRS One (Produced by DJ Premier)
"The Light ’08" – Common (Produced by Just Blaze)
"Midnight ’08" (Snippet) – Q-Tip (Produced by Cool & Dre)

To win you must submit a comment to this post with an answer to the following question:

  • What is your favorite song, moment, or memory from either of the artists or producers involved in this project?

We’ll choose our favorite responses as winners.   Comments must be submitted before 12a.m Wednesday, May 14th to be entered.  You may comment multiple times with no penalty.  You must provide name and email address in your comment to be considered.  Until then, enjoy the video for KRS One "Criminal Minded ’08".

2,087 thoughts on “Vinyl Giveaway w/ KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip”

  1. Playing KRS’s “Represent the Real Hip-Hop” live on my radio show more than ten years ago and the needle going bad right in the middle. It was the type of bad where the needle just quit tracking and flies across the record.

    No big deal. I grab a headshell from the station’s set of 1200s that are mounted into the console and screw it on. Left channel is dead — and I didn’t notice until after I cued the record and started playing it, since I cued it in my right earcup. That little glitch ruined the night for me to such an extent that I didn’t even want to mix the remaining hour and just played records back to back instead . . .

  2. For Common, I would have to say one night i was working at this gas station in southfield, michigan and he walked in and i was so shocked that i couldn’t say anything lol. I remember him getting 2 ice mountain water bottles. I think i might have given them to him. Along with that, I would have to say hearing “I used to H.E.R.” for the first time and a video before that i think with him making all these sound effects in the song. It was dope.

    KRS One…I would have to say hearing “MC’s act like they don’t know” and “Step into my world” and “Stop the violence”. Dope. The Sneak Attack album too.

    DJ Premier…I’d have to say the “Mass Appeal” cut…Dope…And the “Nas is Like” joint.

  3. I remember producing my first song using “My Philosophy” as a loop by using two Boom Boxes and a pause button and then Rapping on the tape.
    The Song was called “Creative Thinking” this was in 1988 I was 15.
    KRS-ONE is my favorite rapper since 1986 Crimminal Minded album.
    I was writting and rapping before that, but that was the first time I made my own “Beat” and Rapped on it.

  4. This is a tough choice since all 3 are some of my favorite artists and Primo is an American Landmark in my opinion. I would probably say the first time I heard Invocation off One Day It’ll all Make Sense. The simplicity of the loop with the stream of consciousness style just showed some growth in Common that hasn’t stopped since. It’s fun when you can take a journey with an artist and enjoy their music without seeming like their stuck or your too old to be a fan.

  5. The day I got the Best of Gang Starr (yes i actually bought the CD). I had listened to Primo before, but only a few tracks here and there.

    I took the CD home, and put it on the player. I didn’t stop listening until the whole thing was done, i didn’t even skip any tracks.

    By the end i was basically in shock.

    To think that one guy could do all that with a sampler and some drums is still beyond me.
    The wide range of sounds, different ideas, but with some similar distinctive elements in every beat, just blew me away.
    Not to mention his scratches, which were also amazing.

    DJ Premier was (and still is) the ultimate in hip-hop production. I look up to him as my idol, and my main influence as a beatmaker and producer.

    so that’s my memory

  6. Wow its hard to make just one choice. Its hard for me to say i miss the good ol days since im only 17 but around i live its hard to find true hip hop heads.
    Common on Soul By the pound remix. He had so much energy and it sounded and looked like he was having fun while doing it.
    DJ Premier on O.C.’s My World,Gangstarr’s JFK 2 LAX,Next Time,Above The Clouds and Watch How It Goes Down From Termanology and too many too go on. He is one of the greater influences in my prodution style.

    Q -Tip man where do i begin. The Luck of lucien,Can I kick it, Stressed out, Phony Rappers and not to mention his production.He also seems like he a great out going kind of guy.

    I wish i could say that i miss when hip hop was just starting but i missed out being born in 1991. All I can do is do my history and try and find one cd or record at a time.

  7. I was listening to a radio documentary about Robert Moog when I was clued in to the depth and breadth of hip-hop sampling.

    After the blurb to intro the documentary, the presenter dropped E.V.A, and mixed from that into ‘Just to Get a Rep’. My jaw hit the floor. I’d never really quite grasped until then how much value you can place on a producer’s ear for that killer sample.

    I’d put that moment very close to being when I knew that I’d take up digging and begin the hunt for the killer sample. I haven’t found it yet, but now I’m elbow-deep in crates, thanks to Jean-Jacques Perrey and DJ Premiere.

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