Visions of Beat Digging

This morning I was jolted awake by visions of finding a mint copy of Skull Snaps deep in the back of a dusty flea market dealer’s stacks.  Something just clicked and I decided to take a break from the development of Crate Kings to blow everything off and go digging in the crates.  I grabbed the car keys and Numark PT-01 portable turntable, then hit the road determined to have my fingertips completely covered in rare record dust.

I arrived at the flea market and realized that a significant number of dealers had been driven away by the flash rainstorm.  Usually the steals and deals are found with the ordinary dealers since they aren’t aware or even care about the value of vinyl.  Nothing but junk was found in the normal spots until I ran across my all-time favorite dealer, a really cool cat who greats me as “young man” and can run down the entire Norman Connors discography.  Although I was unable to use the portable turntable due to the batteries dying (purchased 10 minutes earlier), I still got lucky.  The dealer’s wife had been helping clear access to stock buried in the back of the store and I finally had the chance to dig through piles of wax that I’ve been eyeing for years.  This little stash of about 5 to 6 thousand records occupied about 2 hours of time and I made sure to inspect ALL OF THEM!  These are the days that wet your appetite and help you keep the faith for future digging missions. 

Check out today’s finds and catch a glimpse into snacks that keep Crate Kings running during the week.


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