Fusion Unlimited Talks Vinyl & Publishing

Mr. Mass drops a dope interview with respected producer and crate digger Fusion Unlimited as he talks about the state of Hip-Hop, production, sampling, and obscure records.  The most amazing thing about Fusion is that he’s actually purchasing the publishing rights to independent records and building his own company catalog.  Read the complete interview.

Jay Z Original Samples Mix

DJ Reggie Reg sponsors a welcomed video Jigga mix featuring original samples back to back with the Hip-Hop versions.  Highlights include joints like Bobby Bland’s “Ain’t No Love Love In The Heart of The City” (Heat of The City), David Ruffin – “Common Man” (Never Change), and The Originals “Sunrise” (Guess Who’s Back).  

Beat Heads Have Lost Their Minds!

I’ve been staying away from alot of breaks sites just because many cats have a tendency to go off the deep end with their record tastes.  In recent years there have been a few strange trends in the samples and breaks community such as the obsession with Northern Soul, Funk, Library and Children’s records.  It … Read more

Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead Samples

The request has been made for a full album of samplese and Crate Kings has answered the call.  We now present the original samples and breaks for Nas’ Hip Hop is Dead. link-protector.com/130221/ Bill Withers – Use Me (Still Dreamin’) Carmine Coppola – Marcia Religiosa (Black Republican) Diana Ross – The Interim (Still Dreaming) Eric … Read more

DJ Day’s Crate Digging Basics

Is it possible to dig about digging? Again… I think of this stuff wayyyyy too much. I was lucky enough to run across this list of valuable tips about crate digging. He also has put out really dope break mix titled “Credit Is Due”, which wore out my car’s CD deck. This guy really know … Read more

Semantik: Seeker of Infinite Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Breaks and Samples.

This afternoon, while giving a coworker a ride in my car, it became blatantly apparent how strange and obscure my musical tastes have somehow become. Immediately upon starting my engine, Diplo & Tripledouble’s entitled AEIOU vol. 2 break mix began playing and funky soul organ music was blaring out of the Olds. Both she and … Read more