Beat Heads Have Lost Their Minds!

I’ve been staying away from alot of breaks sites just because many cats have a tendency to go off the deep end with their record tastes.  In recent years there have been a few strange trends in the samples and breaks community such as the obsession with Northern Soul, Funk, Library and Children’s records.  It can’t be denied that I’ve gone through my own fair share of unjustifiable hunts and I can certainly  understand why someone would chase after a Stark Reality, Funk Inc., or David Axelrod.  However, I just found out that an extremely sought after drum break is on a rare Turkish picture disc pressing version of "Careless Whisper" by George Michael!  Is it just me or is there no need to dig for or chase after anything having to do with Wham!?  This could just be another one of my needless rants, but you be the judge.

George Michael – "Careless Whisper"

16 thoughts on “Beat Heads Have Lost Their Minds!”

  1. Me again. Since I don’t have any full sample list and songs can look up to you as a mentor and you may send me some list of songs. Please? One!

  2. Thats a hot saxphone, I am not fimiliar with the sites you going to, but i definitely would like to hear thier interpretation on this track.

  3. Maybe i have bad taste or higher standards, but i wouldn’t have sample’d that, dope saxophone though. David Axelrod is dope as well, but for soome reason i don’t really like sampling him, its like…..the man is doing his thing i’ll let him go, i sample to much anyways

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