You know that after writing and overanalyzing Hip Hop samples, breaks, records and mixes that I had to eventually start doing a few ratings.  Ever since hearing my first sample and breaks mix by DJ 7L of Boston, I haven’t been able to get enough of that feeling which comes over you when you hear steady mix unheard breaks.  Significant moments in my life have been marked by many of these mixes and it’s only right that I share both the joy and misery that they have caused.  There is no doubt that my musical tastes have grown and changed over time, like the couple of months that I spent obsessed with snare drums or the last 6 months that I’ve spent drooling over Dilla’s sample chopping skills.  As a result, there is a high likelihood that some of these ratings may change over time as I my musical tastes grow, expand, evolve and mature. 

Ratings Scale:
@@@@ – Instant Heavy Rotation, will be rockin’ this for quite some time.
@@@ – Solid effort, definately no slacking going on.
@@ – Not bad, something to listen to in rush hour traffic.
@ – Straight Garbage… go bring the reprints and comps back to the store.

Conmen – Smooth Criminals Break Beats Vol. 1
Conmen – The Masters Vol. 2
Conmen – Jealous Toys Die Vol. 3
Conmen – Veteranos Vol. 4
Conmen – Don’t Even!!! (Sample This) Vol. 5
Diplo & Tripledouble – AEIOU Vol. 1
Diplo & Tripledouble – AEIOU Vol. 2 – @@@@1/2
DJ 7L – Pimpgear Greates Hits: History 101
DJ Day – Credit Is Due
DJ Muro – King of Diggin’ Vol. 1
DJ Muro – King of Diggin’ Vol. 2
DJ Muro – King of Diggin’ Vol. 3
DJ Muro – Summer Breeze
DJ Muro – Super Funk Breaks
DJ Muro – Super Disco Breaks
DJ Muro – Super Reggae Breaks
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 96 –
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 97 –
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 98
DJ Muro – Diggin’ Ice 99
DJ Muro & Lord Finesse – King of Diggin’: @@@@ (would have been a higher rating if the long intros were removed.)
DJ Pump – One For The System @@@1/2 (dope mix, but songs played too long.  Lots of great scratching with a heavy turntablist vibe.)
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist – Brainfreeze
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist – Product Placement
Jake One – Baghat Vinyl Vol. 3: Inner Soul
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 1
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 2
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 3
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 4
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 5
Kon & Amir – On Track Vol. 6
Kon & Amir – Uncle Junior’s Friday Fish Fry: The Cleaning
Kon & Amir – Best of On Track
Malito??? – Spanish Breaks – @@@@1/2 (So dope that you can’t even tell this is Spanish music until they start singing)
Mo Majid – Wall of Fame Vol. 1 – @@@@
Mr. Supreme – Baghat Vinyl Vol. 1: It Never Ends – @@@@
Paul Nice – Breaks For Days
Rev Shines – Today’s Good News Vol. 1
Rev Shines – Today’s Good News Vol. 2
Soulman – Dig It
Soulman – Drugs – @@@1/2 (A little trippy for me)
Soulman – Instrumentality
Soulman – Neva Stop Diggin’
Soulman – Philadelphia Beat Mission – @@@@
Soulman – Coolin’ – @@@
Soulman – Higher Heights
Soulman – More Funky 45’s
Soulman – Soulful
Soulman – Soulman Plays The Hits – @@@1/2 (My introduction to Soulman.  Songs were played a little long, but after listening to it a few time it became clear why he let them ride)
Soulman – From The Rock Section
Soulman – The Ultimate Collection
Soulman – Do What You Gotta Do
Soulman – Soulman’s Choice Cuts
Soulman – Soulman’s Funky 45 Joints
Soulman – The Highest Pleasure
Soulman – World of Beats Vol. 1
Soulman – World of Beats Vol. 2
Soulman – World of Beats Vol. 3 – @@@@

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  1. whats that “Malito??? – Spanish Breaks” mixtape called?? I remember hearing clips of it on turntablelab. I can’t find any info on google 🙁

    nice list btw

    my favs are

    AEIOU 2
    Breaks For Days
    & the conmen series

  2. What the “Soulman – The Ultimate Collection” is about? UBB related? First time I see this one in his discography.

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