Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) Footage

Damu The Fudgemunk and Redefinition Records pay a visit to the Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) for a vinyl garage sale gone mad. Some of the vinyl oddities and highlights include a copy of Solomon Burke’s “Get Out of My Life Woman”, a TMNT Turtle Power album, and the remains of a melted Mobb Deep 12 inch single. Add to this a collection of nickel and penny records and the insanity just gets crazier.

The next sale takes place on Wednesday, September 29th from 3pm to 8pm. If you’re in the Highland Park, NJ area, definitely head over and support the organizers Gregarious and Vinyldog.

Notable Quote:

Sometimes you gotta clean house. — Gregarious

Visit HPRS on Facebook for the sale’s location and hit up Dust & Grooves for an excellent photo spread of the vinyl festivities.

9 thoughts on “Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) Footage”

  1. Word is bond this is right down the street from me and im so there this afternoon… In New Brunswick there use to be many spots especially route 1 fleamarket man i use to digg in the back and the owners name was mark.. Sadly he passed on but i can remember spending like 8 hours in that joint easy… Whoever can I encourage you to come out as this should be really cool..Damn its early i wish he was open now LOL… Im wondering if that is the same guy that put out the vinyl dogs comps??? i think they use to have a spot in Somerset..

  2. @darrell d whats up my dude… This is located in Highland Park NJ holla at me i will tell you how to get there…One of many spots if you are close to Jerzie..

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