Dibiase Performs Live At Fat Beats L.A.

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      • Its not really biting Dilla but EVERY producer wasnt doing it until Dilla became popular (which was mostly after he died).

    • Yeah thats your opinion and thats cool but he sounds NOTHING like dilla my man!!
      and if you think everybody with lol “video game sounds” & swing on their drums is biting ONLY dilla…
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard ERIC SERMON…OLD BEATS!
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard DJ SCRATCH…OLD BEATS!
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard NOTTZ…OLD BEATS!
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard MEGAHERTZ…OLD BEATS!
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard AYATOLLAH…OLD BEATS!
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard MADLIB…OLD BEATS!
      I wonder how you would feel if you heard BATTLECAT…OLD BEATS!
      cause all those cats and a few more was doing the same shit as dilla around the early 2000’s truth be told…
      And if you heard/hear them now…and lets say they have “video game sounds & swing on their drums”…with a new twist…
      are THEY biting dilla too?
      cause you said so?
      or is it soon as you hear sloppy drums and quirky sounds, YOU THINK it sounds like dilla?
      You dont cant even recognize a dilla ripoff! now if you woulda said MADLIB…then MAYBE…lol…but Dilla?!

    • I concur that was really wack I heard great sounding tracks coming from Dibiase and this aint one of em. Fam do you and this ain’t you stay away from the video sounding trash and make hard ass hip hop and will will always get respect.

  1. I hope some of you peeps know that Dibiase has been around for a while. You guys need to check his early stuff. He’s always had this style with unquantized drums. Just coz Dilla (Who was great!) also made beats like that does that mean that that Dibiase is biting. Q-Tip (Who is great) SOMETIMES make beats with off drums too. Black Milk (Again who is great) SOMETIMES make beats that many would say sound like Dilla beats but I wouldn’t say they are bittin’
    He admittedly said that Dilla was an inspiration but he’s been doing his thing for a while!
    Big up Dibiase.
    (Here comes the Beef replies now….)

    • …come on man, Easy Mo bee & RZA were doing the off beat thing before Dilla. And 90% of the cats on the “Dilla dick sucking” bandwagon didn’t ever give him any props when he was here in physical.
      R.I.P Dilla

      • EXACTLY!!!!
        they so far up dillas ass you forgot about the cats that inspired his entire technique!
        These “dilla fans” think that jacking his drums and digging for the records dilla used is somehow paying tribute to the man!
        hip hop sucks for alot of obvious reasons but 1 of the biggest reasons is the so called “fans” inside of hip hop and the way you go about things…
        fuckin weirdos…

  2. I think these debates are sucking the life out of hip hop –

    ever hear the expression “Flogging a dead horse”? that’s what it makes me think of – Diabiase does his own thing, either you like it or you don’t

  3. Ive known Diabolic for a long time. He’s been doing what he does for even longer. He just likes that feel in his music.

  4. hahaha, Sorry but no one was really doing those style of drums till Dilla passed. Q-Tip, and a few other people I can understand, they actually worked with DIlla.

    STILL, “video game sounds” are FUCKING WACK! PERIOD!!!

    Sorry, I don’t get down with Hip Hop for game nerds. A lot of Dibiase beats have that wack shit in them lately.

    Dibiase does have some dope beats, but a lot of you bitches are just dick riders. Fuck ya’ll for having a dick in your ass. It’s obvious this is true, cause I’m willing to bet a lot of you cock riders wouldn’t be so forgiving if it wasn’t a producer you somehow got a creampie asshole from.

  5. What he did wasn’t so amazing. Since he was using a SP404, I’m willing he bet he just loaded up whole beats on each pad, and just pressed some effect buttons while turning a knob. A lot of people use the 404 just for wack little performances like that. Get your heads out your asses. Nothing amazing going on here.

    And fuck you dudes that can’t let a dude have an opinion without being a bunch of fucking bitches about it. I don’t like most of dude’s beats, I hear the Dilla influence and it bores me, I don’t like “video game sounds.” Get the fuck over it!!

    • Dude, seriously, why are you so angry? I’ll be the first to apologize to you brother because you feel slighted that people attacked you for having an opinion. I don’t know you, but it is mad frustrating being attacked by cats you don’t know. I hope you have better experiences on here in the future, but all the homophob expletives are unnecessary to get your point across that you are frustrated. We get it now. You don’t like most of Dibia$e’s musical quirks…cool…so in the future we wont have to see you comment on things you don’t like anymore and those who enjoy his vids can do so in peace. And we can all have peace. You can take this how you want it, but at the end of the day we gotta keep that respect for each other. Salaam.

  6. video game sounds, J.S. Bach, anything goes … obviously these weres not tracks but improvised live shredding like jimi hendrix … i checked mr diabase’s tracks on youtube, i find them about 100x more interesting than the generic midi keyboard preset hip hop with canned beats … sometimes it sounds a bit disjointed but I respect the experimental vibe and spirit.

  7. why does it feel like L.A. is the underground hip hop mecca, Tri-State is My Home, but it feels like we are all scattered like hip hop hermits at night tightening up their craft,
    Define your sound

    Let no one dictate your art.

    Big up 404

  8. I consider Dibiase one of the founders of the new style of hip hop production and “beat generation” He was flipping video game sounds before it was cool. He was making off beat drum patterns before he ever heard of dilla. He is constantly inovating with the times and doing it better than 99% of the rest of the game. Obviously he was influenced by a lot of what he heard growing up but there is no doubt he has developed his own style and unmistakable sound. And yes he is a master of all of his gear because he dedicates time and effort into what he does. Peace -CB

    • “He was making off beat drum patterns before he ever heard of dilla.”

      I highly doubt this dude would deny Dilla’s influence on the swing of his drums. Why are people on here denying that Dilla fathered that unquantized/sloppy-type swing that everybody uses nowadays?

      THIS is the shit I dreaded: Jay Dee’s/Dilla’s legacy is gonna get completely tarnished because all these fools are afraid to admit they’re jocking his swing. If enough time passes, and enough people refuse to give Dilla his “Father” crown for creating this new vibe/sound in hip-hop, the public will forget who created it and you motherbitchez are to blame.

      RZA’s sloppiness was from using the ASR’s shit sequencer, and Erick Sermon’s swing was completely different. Dilla’s swing is unmistakable, and it’s clear when someone has been influenced by it. Don’t catch feelings about it, continue to give the Father credit.

  9. I really wish Dilla was alive so he can go back to being unknown. people been biting dilla for yeeears.. lets get over it

    • that’s what im sayin. haha !!! and some ppl on this post will feel even more stupid than they already sound. when 2 of the 3 beats in this video clip was collab joints with the homie captain who programmed the drums. since im biting drums patterns. lol ppl r clueless nowadays.

  10. niggas gettin heated like they know me or something. btw i been makin beats since 95 and i wont even count 95 to 97. so who was i biting in 97 then cause i was doing alot of the same beats then??? i must’ve battled @yeahwhatever and embrassed him i thinkin readin these comments. your arguements would be valid if i was some new jack just makin beats around 04 but i already had 9 years under my belt. do your research build running off at the mouth.

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