Damu The Fudgemunk Pressing Spur Momento

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  1. Damu is sick but 75 tracks, whats that like 10 piece vinyl set?!
    I hope the label who puts it out doesnt try and screw the customer over like they did with the how it should sound vinyls.
    Releasing vol 1 &2 seperately then releasing 1 & 2 as a double lp months later with no extra tracks for the same price as 1 & 2 sold individually.

  2. Yoy- it wasn’t the intention of our label (which Damu himself owns) to “screw the customer.” We instead followed what most in publishing would consider standard business practices- after selling out of our first pressing, a full year went by (not “a few months”) and we were still getting orders and requests from fans and retailers. To satisfy this growing demand; we repressed the 2 volumes as a single 2LP, much like how a book publisher would have released a paperback version for a lower cost than the hardcover version of a best seller which was previously the consumers only option. We intentionally did not add any new tracks so those who already owned a copy of the 2 lps would not have any reason to double dip and buy the repress. Also when you consider the amount of product that we give away for free and that our CDs retail for $10 or less, I feel you have plenty of options to decide which works best for you personally.

    Spur Momento will be a multi-LP box set, maybe 4-5 pieces of vinyl.


    • Fair play i think i was a bit harsh maybe in my comment, you make some good points.
      All I was saying that 1 and 2 were released around the same time, so maybe you could have released it as 2 x lp at the time?
      Anyway much respect to yourselves, i wish all the best and will continue buying your products. Peace.
      gotta give props to for having the balls to put out that al green project out too.

      • Thanks man, all good. I understand where you were coming from, too.

        We have some more great records in the works, some dropping very soon. Our goal is to not disappoint ourselves while amassing a quality discography we personally could stand by as a label. Support and perspectives from folks like yourself is much appreciated.

  3. Yeah, I’m thankful that I bought the separate vinyl of How It Should Sound 1&2. Hot shit. Big fan and congrats to all their success.

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