Kev Brown On The Making Of Alexander Green Project

Kev Brown, the low key MPC master, talks about his latest project The Alexander Green Project, the influence of Al Green and The RZA, and departing from his traditional production style.

“Most of the time people are sampling classics and don’t even know that what they’re sampling is a classic.”


4 thoughts on “Kev Brown On The Making Of Alexander Green Project”

  1. Word! a actual tape that’s dope.Many a classics have been sampled an not know of it’s popularity. In the current state of sampling a lot of new era (no pun) cats don’t study origin because most don’t authentically “Dig” the mp3 is the new way, vinyl is out Unless your over 25 & have been taught or learned a great lesson on your own on how it use to be great to look for vinyl…DO YOU HISTORY.

  2. love this album. But I also love Kev’s traditional style. Hope his next project incorporates much more of that.

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