D.R. Period Selling $100 Beats

D.R. Period aka Mr. Rockboy delivers his EPK in which he talks about his deep musical history that includes personal training from Stick Evans, beat boxing, DJ’ing, MC’ing, and Producing.

Along with a look inside his studio D.R. Period runs down some of the more prominent artists that he’s worked with (Jay Z, M.O.P., Cam’Ron, Busta Rhymes, Freeway, AZ) and shows his knack for landing soundtrack placements.

Random Thoughts:
1. Yes, D.R. Period is selling beats for $100. I don’t quite understand why a “platinum producer” would sell tracks for less than my monthly cable bill, but I have to assume that the volume is working for him.
2. I still rock Smoothe Da Hustler’s Once Upon a Time in America like it was just released.

More vids of D.R. Period in action constructing a beat and talking track mixing.

45 thoughts on “D.R. Period Selling $100 Beats”

  1. But what does all this do for all of us ? Watching someone toot thier own horn for 15 minutes is kinda boring. If u getting crazy royalties like that why sell your beats for 100 bucks ? That just my 2 cents not trying to diss I like dr. I just would much rather see dr. make a dope beat making video like he always does .Guess if your an artist those 100.oo beats would be a real treat matter of fact I know they would..

  2. Here’s the weird part about his offer. Sure music and movie industry executives respect DR and his contribution, and his name being involved with your project might hold some weight…….IF IT ISNT ADVERTISED THAT ANYBODY CAN GET SAID WORK FOR $100 USD.

    That kinda diminishes the value of your involvement. Now anytime you see DR involved in a project of somebody your not familiar with, the first assumption you’d make is “Hmm, bet the dude paid $100 for a beat”. Which is fine, but if your playing the “industry clout” card I would think you’d rather have people say “Wow, DR is involved? This dude must be nice to have a legend on his project, lemme check it out”

    Just my 2 cents. Feel free to flame me and call me a “F*ckin Faggot” (c) Kobe Bryant and/or Joachim Noah.

  3. I know that he is sale’n tracks for 100, but i wonder is that exclusive, or just the rights to use it on a track, and he could sale said beat 6 x inf. but i do agree it might lessen the product clout if somebody wack get’s a hold of it.

  4. Young artist will be fooled by “i’m a platinum producer” blah blah the whole salesman pitch , first of all real hip hop rarely went platinum or gold. If we don’t know your name after all these years of being in the industry than your beats are not as hot as you trying to sell them to us. I know and seen alot of non talented producers, rapper, and singers that got put on cause of who they know. I checked his site sorry but the beats are not dope at all and the site looks like 1998 web design step it up on the graphic design tip. Even if the beats were free as an m.c. I would not rhyme over them or buy a cd with those tracks. Not a dis just don’t feed us the bull.

  5. if we each buy one of dr periods beats today he can make his car payment this month lol

  6. Damn. I cant hate if he’s gettin it, thats how it is nowadays. Now, If he’s leasing his beats then he’s gettin breaded.

  7. Wow……. I don’t see Preemo or Pete Rock making youtube’s selling their work and pluggin their careers……

    But in the same sense, there might be a lot of good that can come from this besides financial compensation.

  8. The prices are listed on his website as “leasing” prices. Also, wasn’t Clyde Stubblefield the funky drummer? Seems like a glaring piece of misinformation.

      • the smoothe da hustler still sounds great today you gotta respect that.
        i think this is just a sign of how tuff it is stay on top in the music business.
        good luck to him he may strike gold again in the future.

        james brown had more than one drummer just check some of the live footage, same with the motown stuff the funk brothers had two drummers.

  9. There is such a thing as not necessarily using the man’s “name” or “stature” as a stepping stone. Maybe people just buy beats from dude cause they’re dope and cheap. Not because hes a former platinum producer. Shit, i charge 100 beans and my shits no where near this mans.

  10. Btw isnt the “funky drummer” Clyde Stubblefield? Not Stick Evans… Maybe im confused.

  11. He was right about Stick being a J.B. drummer,but it was later than “Funky Drummer” days. We all know Clyde Stubblefield was the “Funky Drummer”,but Stick Evans did drum for James Brown

  12. DR Period made crazy beats for M.O.P. And a 100 dollar beat from DR is gold for a starvin rapper…being the starving rapper that i am, i went in to listen to some of the beats…and OMG! it sounded like 10 dollar beats..like the first time your played with fruity loops..WACK

    • I dunno that “let it go” joint knocks pretty hard. A lotta the joints are pretty generic tho.

  13. Ah man. Dr Period should quit producing and go in to comedy. That interview/beatmaking video with Smack DVD is hilarious. His bragging is just over the top. I love it when he all of a sudden claims he’s a very humble christian. As far as beats, he’s just another old producer that should have stuck with sampling and drum programming, and leave keyboard shit to real musicicians.

    • hahaha word!!! his beats sound like some 12 year old just bought FL studio and a midi controller and is trying to get the hang of it

      that shit sounds like Swizz’ first beats for DMX in 1999 lol i laughed at most of them and at others i felt really bad for him haha

  14. HUH? who are ANY of yall? what do you CONTRIBUTE to the culture besides an opinion? $100 dollar beats sound good for an up and coming MC thats looking to go that route…what could YOU offer to help out? wheres the fuckin respect? why are you even here? you would think some of you are more important than the guy on the video with your know it all attitudes…lemme here yall timeless music since nothing about DR period impresses you then…especially you Mach3beatz…guys like you kill me man! if your not moved how did you see the smack dvd vid (which is OVER 5yrs old) then make it to comment on this video? to each his own Im jus sayin? your wasting YOUR time DR period is traight no matter how many jokes you whip up! furthermore you gotta sell yourself! wtf?Damn sure cant leave it up to his “fans” especially if this how yall feelin smh

    • We are hip hop producers, mcs, readers , fans, of the site. Damn right our opinion matters, he put himself out there and we as fans mcs producers critics ect. If we ain’t feeling it or we feel a certain way about anything posted on this site we will voice our opinions. Check yourself homie don’t be so sensitive and who are you to try to suggest rules and demand respect?

      • @DJ Izzy what records u every made? What Artists u worked with in the game? Please educated me my brother cause i never heard of u until today u sound like u won’t to be somebody but hang in there maybe oneday u will be able to sale ur music and stop hatin on a brother who have history in this game

  15. I feel u on that some of these DJ just do party’s and promote party mix on facebook corny as hell they would not never be on D/R Period level get ur game then talk shit those tracks are HOT most MC’s don’t know what to do with those tracks they need guides that why they starven artists they wouldn’t now a hit if it smack them in there face this man been making hits since the 90’s DR IS THE TRUTH KEEP GETTIN THAT MONEY

  16. DR Its a bad move to make up different accounts on a random site just to defend ur comical YouTube movie.

  17. DR has some really dope music. $100 joints from him is just a sign of where the industry has gone and is headed. The good ole days are over.

  18. Let D.R. do his thing mayne . . . his azz aint worried about ya’ll one bit. So what if he selling beats for a bill . Keep it moving & focus on the man in mirror , cause at the end of the day that’s the thing that really matters the most .
    Make it Happen .

  19. Peace, well here’s the thing. What is important to you? Having dope beats? Having a “name” on your album? Seeing if you can even make a great song knowing that it’s not the beat if the song is wack? I mean $100 D/R Period track is a blessing to the Eminem’s and Ludacris’ out there that can’t afford the thousands he could get for a single track. From a business stand point what would you do in this recession? Try and maybe sell 2 or 3 beats for $10,000 or even $5000 a piece or sell 5000 or 10,ooo beats at $100? Plus the publishing on moving multiple trax is far more than moving a few. Food for thought………

  20. …Plat producer with a very very cheap ass video. Good for him though… 100 bucks is good.

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