DR Period Interview, Studio Footage, Beat Construction

1,921 thoughts on “DR Period Interview, Studio Footage, Beat Construction”

  1. New York cats making a beat for Slim Thugga? Come on!

    But DR is bad, I seen him on a dvd a couple years ago, gave some great advice on snares and rim shots…

    He sorta reminds me of Jadakiss with the manners…

    what kind of keyboard is that?

    them drums sound gritty…love that.

  2. i see where he’s coming from . but how the hell he get all those sounds on that floppy !
    i think he’s using that tr rack over there . damn he made me wish i had kept mine.

  3. yo, this is dr period, responding to the dr period video. dr period was good in this particular dr period video. dr period’s beats are better than dr period’s other beats which are dr period’s favoite beats that dr period made when dr period was making other beats for dr period’s other musical partners. dr period and me, dr period will never be seen in the same room at the same time. dr period is out.

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