Illmind The Making of Champions – Behind The Curtain

Producer Illmind takes viewers inside the studio to break down the making of “Champions” from his latest release entitled Behind The Curtain. During the session Illmind shows how he approaches layering guitar grooves, synths, and drums. He also talks about how tends to use progression and emotion during the build up of a track.

6 thoughts on “Illmind The Making of Champions – Behind The Curtain”

  1. Nice video. Its interesting that he pointed out a technique where he reverses the panning in a stereo delay. When I was much less knowledgeable and took chances experimenting, I used to do that in Logic (4.8). There was a noticeable widening of the stereo image and the track had a different feel. I always go back to the mentality I had back then. Nothing beats breaking the rules. If you know proper methods and you combine them with experimentation you will develop a signature sound.

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