David “Fingers” Haynes Performs w/ NI Maschine

David “Fingers” Haynes steps further away from his Alesis HR-16B and Korg Nanopad to pick up the NI Maschine and give another demonstration of his finger drumming mastery. Stay on the lookout as the drummer promises a breakdown of his sound placement in an upcoming video series.

An explanation for sound placement will be in my lesson series? when it’s released. — David “Fingers” Haynes

20 thoughts on “David “Fingers” Haynes Performs w/ NI Maschine”

  1. If you were blind (and this is no way meant to slander blind folks), you would think he was playing a “live” set of drums and NOT on a pad controller! This is great stuff, just crazy!

  2. Does he write drum beats over his own tracks? It would be pretty crazy if he did a live set with his style of playing the drum machine.

    • he’s not really a hip-hop producer. more of a live jazz/gospel drummer who happens to have been building his drum machining skills for years. but he does have a few vids drumming over a few hip-hop tracks.

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