Disko Dave Presents The Making of “Smile Again”

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  1. I wasn’t crazy about the beat but it showed me how simple it is to sample and run with it. Just chop something up , throw some drums in there , build up a few sequences and thats it

  2. Good shit. Although the video is geared more toward Disko Daves flipping of the sample, one extra lesson can be taken from this. Obviously this is a Hall and Oates song but the Ska-ish cover is intriguing. Covers can be slept on because you may think when diggin “Another Sunny?” HEARD IT! or whatever the joint is but sometimes you may luck up on a joint that is killing the ones before it and can chop up some dope shit. Example, Tribes “Sucka Nigga” was not the orig “Red Clay” by Freddie Hubbard but a cover. The same could be said for waaaaaaaaay too many records. Stay diggin! 5000 G!

  3. wow i made the front page?! good look Semantik. @ tonytraxx, that’s cool, but sampling ISN’T easy. there’s an art behind it and all your favorite producers do it too. (maybe not yours) but it’s all good. you from VA Beach too so i can’t be mad..lol. @ deepfry, that joint is hard son! about bein’ better than me, i don’t know. i’d have to hear more, but i can tell you got an ear. i ain’t tryin’ to be better or battle anyone anyway, just trying to do my thing! PEACE and thanks for peepin’!

  4. For me, I always peep Disko Dave cause he does his thing! This time is no exception! My take is this… Hip hop is slowly dying in various ways, but peeps are out here still keeping the REAL, TRUE HIP HOP ALIVE! And I’m sure all of you on here know what I mean when I say that. @ Deepfry, I’m feelin’ your joint too bruh, very nice work! So that’s what I mean I say peeps are keeping it real! I’m sure some things won’t impress some people, but my thing is keeping the TRUE ART FORM OF THIS HIP HOP ALIVE, MEANING SAMPLING HOT JOINTS because sampling is how it started! So if that means all of us who posted on here (if you make beats), so be it! The more, the merrier to keep this thing alive & going. Even if your beat is not the best one of the crowd. You know, having things like Fat Beats closing & such makes every underground beat I hear more enjoyable to me, even if it is by a bedroom producer! That let’s me know that at least there IS someone out there who is thinking like me, that doesn’t want this true form of hip hop to die! And they are trying to become better at the craft too. All in all, I’m glad there are peeps out here that are keeping this thing going!

  5. Damn it must of been a pain in the ass to set the cutoff for all those pads!! Thats the only thing I hate about the older MPCs. You cant just make all the pads cut each other off. Its a real pain in the ass.. I wish there was a way to fix this!!

    • i know right? it takes forever..lol. but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the sound you want.

    • But you still have a problem even with the newer MPC’s if you have all the pads cutting each other off. Because if you wanna layer one pad on top of another it will cut it off when you dont want it to. So even the newer MPC’s take some tweaking.

      • Not really.. you just have to make another copy of the program and put it on a new track… VERY easy.. Im thinking about getting a 1000 to use with my 3000 just for samples… it will be so much easier…

    • that’a why if you watched it til the end, it says inspired by masta ace’s “terror”. just my flip. but that was my ish back in the day.

    • If you look at the video page, the sample is listed right under the video. I have no idea how it got there tho. Guess I made it obvious playing the o.g. 1st..lol

  6. I love hearing Disko Dave beats..soulful and kept the boom bap of it. Still makes me to motivate to do beats when hear his stuff. Props and respect to you bro !

  7. does anyone know if you sample a cover do you pay twice for clearance? im sure hall and oates want their cut and do you pay the covering artist?

  8. Yeah dope, very inspiring – good workflow, its key for me, probably what I struggle with most, I mean obviously diggin’ and choosing the right samples, chopping, sequencing etc are all vital.

    But overall work flow, making sharp decisions on structure of the sequence , what samples come in and when, builds and drops, getting drums and bass in quick, especially drums can really uplift/flip a beat. Feeling it rather than overthinking it, can tell ddave is good at that. I can mess around with different loops/variations with a few samples for HOURS if i don’t get my shit together.

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