Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Talk Sound Issues, HP Beats

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  1. Isn’t poor sound card quality the reason why people buy USB/Firewire sound cards? Or doesn’t it bypass the computers sound card by going USB?

    Either way Dre needs to stop being a lamer, 1 is this example by teaming with HP and 2 chillin’ with that fuck tard, Beiber!

  2. haha wat they are saying doesnt make sense. they’re talking about the casual listener, listening to compressed music (mp3’s, etc.) in their headphones on their ipod, right? sorry, but your computer, or even your headphones arent going to allow you to experience your mp3’s as if you were hearing the music in the recording studio. its not your computer or headphones tahts the prob, its the damn compressed mp3 file format. if you REALLY want studio quality sound, u cant be listening to your compressed audio on an ipod or some shit. and u dont need a HP computer, or BEATS by dre headphones. you just need a fuckin better quality recording. something lossless. or a pristine vinyl record. cd’s dont even cut it. so i dont know wat the fuck these guys are trying to sell when they say this shit in these commercials. total bullshit! ibet beats by dre headphones sound like shit too

  3. It really doesn`t matter. You will pretty much NEVER hear the sound quality of a studio sound out of a computer alone. Andy and Dee Ess are about right. To hear that quality ,you have to do WAV. files or something of the sort. The bit rate of MP3`s won`t let you hear it that way. Hell, cassettes,cd`s and vinyl looses sound quality when you just open up the package it comes from. So the beat you can do is get the best sound card for your computer and try to tweak the sound to your liking. Hp,Dre and Jimmy are on some bullshit.

  4. its just marketin… just like you said, even dre doesnt believe what hes saying. and btw who the hell buys HP anyway is hes a producer.. its a fucking joke , and only his headphones are great

  5. such BULL%hit!!! hahaha.

    any friggin moron who believes this is just that…. a moron.

    if you wanna hear what the music is supposed to sound like “in a studio,” you need to be in a damn “studio.” it’s not the damn computer OR what the computer is doing to the audio. i wouldn’t be surprised if interscope (or any other label) starts renting out their studio spaces to the public for listening sessions…. “$10,000 to listen to the new Dre album… the way it’s supposed to sound! in the studio!” haha.

    so what’s gonna be the excuse for recordings of live concerts? “hey… rent out madison square garden to make sure you’re listening to this live recording the way it’s supposed to sound in a live venue.”

    dumb asses. Dre’s a good producer, but he’s holding on to those purse strings by endorsing stupid shit like this… and don’t even get me started on that stupid commercial with his robot headgear an stuff.

    fuckin wankers.

  6. I think I can hear an Akon song playing with different words…

    “Cause I’m washed up, HP won’t let me out/
    Washed up, This bullshits gonna drag me down/”

  7. I dont even wanna hear that Detox album now! So this is whats been going on since the Chronic 2000 joint! Head phones and sound cards?
    All the best to Interscope with this venture. Yall aint gettin my bread on this one hahahahahaha!

  8. I’m a fan of any hip-hop figure who can integrate themselves into mainstream, corporate product campaigns. Jay-Z/Budweiser/HP, Dr. Dre/HP/Dr. Pepper, Drake/Sprite. The promised land, brothers, the promised land.

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