I’m Dat Digga Vinyl Exchange w/ Guest DJ Kon (Florida)

Lazy Afternoon and I’m Dat Digga have joined forces to put together to put on the next Vinyl Exchange event entitled Lazy Digga. Judging from video of the last event, this is definitely something to consider if you’re in the Orlando, FL area.

Special Guest DJ Kon of (Kon & Amir) and hosts Cooterman, Spreadsheets, and DJ Ynot.

Sunday March 6th
Free Admission (3-10pm)
Eye Spy
54 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Event flyer after the break.


5 thoughts on “I’m Dat Digga Vinyl Exchange w/ Guest DJ Kon (Florida)”

  1. blessings to kon its nice to see him healthy, i remember seeing a post awhile back about him being sick. i also noticed him digging with a mask, any of yall diggers do this? records can get pretty filthy/grimey.

  2. The video looks entertaining but I cant really get with the name of the event. Maybe cats are running out of creativity these days… SMH. As much as I love to spend hours on end digging for records and spending my hard earned (very very hard earned) loot on vinyl; I wouldn’t fuck with this show. There is only so much intelligent shit I can expect out of Florida… Be honest.

  3. These events are always a good time !
    And dude curt mcgirt please don’t show up , haters like you dont deserve to the right to get such good deals on vinyl.
    Stay at home and dig online at all the smart trendy blogs lol
    Oh And taking ODB’s aka and changing it to work with your name … Wow real smart and creative . Haha loser .

  4. What could be wrong with digging for beats on any given day? Plus you got a BBQ!! Shit thats Beats & Eats… Whose not down with that?? Besides if you live up north thats a great vacation..Yea the name is kind of wack but remember we all have the same records aint no mystery anymore so its not that you have them its what you do with them!! Some folks like to collect others make beats I say to each his or her own gotta let folks live. E digging is not really true to the game and those of us who ave been doing this for a while are in it for the LOVE not the BS so if you think that spending some money on these joints is too much for you then get out and find something else to do because wax has alway been and will continue to be the Foundation that hip hop was built on!!…

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