DJ Quik Returns To Analog w/ The Book of David

6 thoughts on “DJ Quik Returns To Analog w/ The Book of David”

  1. Quick is a LEGEND…In my eye’s he’s up there with Primo,Pete Rock,Dre etc…He just keeps such a relatively low profile that people don’t mention him as much.Im gonna buy his new album for sure.

  2. does by analogue he actually means outboard gear (as opposed to in the box record making), not necessarily analogue gear? cause the gear has been ever more digital since the mid 80’s

    MPC is digital innit?

    • Yep! Ill hag up my boot’s the day I see some producer track everything to tape, and that mean’s no cheesy digital synth sound’s only analog synth’s live drum’s, bass, guitar and organ/key’s. Band’s like The Budos Band, Dap King’s, El Michael’s affair and the like’s have been doing it out of Daptone Studio’s in Brooklyn, but dont think a full on “hip hop” record has come out of there yet. I think that would be my dream project to work on. That would separate the men from the mice, there are so many producer’s (big one’s too) who are completely tone deaf and don’t know and cant hear the basic concept’s of music.

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