Ty Fyffe Talks Rump Shaker, Murdergram, 4 Da Fam

Producer Ty Fyffe talks with Grind Music radio about his early days working work Teddy Riley on Wreckx-n-Effect’s album Hard or Smooth, Fyffe’s first album as a producer. Ty Fyffe also talks candidly about the role that Pharrel Williams played in the making of “Rump Shaker,” Pharrell did actually produce the song.


Later Ty Fyffe gives more color and highlights about working with Def Jam, the creation of “Murdergram” featuring Jay Z, DMX, and Ja Rule, the role of Irv Gotti, his pioneering the use of artist ID tags, and the frustration involved in finally getting Jay Z to appear on one of his beats, “4 Da Fam.”

At the end of the day credit is everything for a producer.

3 thoughts on “Ty Fyffe Talks Rump Shaker, Murdergram, 4 Da Fam”

  1. 4 Da Fam has got to be one of my favorite tracks/beats of all time. timeless classic hip-hop that never gets old now matter how many times you play it.
    Also I dont know why I never thought to tell all the artists I do work with to shout me out at the beginning of the track. I am gonna start doing that from now on… Great video. Also I know exactly where that fuckin sample “it murda” is from!!! I found it while digging not too long ago by coincidence, but I wont shout it out since they didn’t on the vid haha.

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