Showbiz D.I.T.C.’s Digital Sampler Sequencer Rundown

Showbiz of D.I.T.C. lays downs down some instrumentals and asks the philosophical music production question, “Is it the man or is it the machine?”

After mentioning that he started off with the E-muSP-1200, Showbiz goes on to name some of the giants in hip-hop production such as Lord Finesse and Just Blaze (Akai MPC4000), Dr. Dre (Akai MPC3000), DJ Premier (Akai MPC60 II), and Kanye West and Pete Rock (Akai MPC2000 XL).

12 thoughts on “Showbiz D.I.T.C.’s Digital Sampler Sequencer Rundown”

  1. Surely it’s not as deep a question as made out, it’s man obviously. All the producers mentioned would still be as talented as they are musically regardless of what machine they use as their weapon of choice, they just use their machine to channel their musical ideas from their head to reality.

  2. Ha Ha, it’s the man & the machine ….Showbiz beats were dope back in the day ….but since he switched to the MPC 2500 they sound corny to me because that machine sounds corny & way to clean ….I guess some people don’t mind that clean sound.

  3. The man in my opinion.. but I guess people go back to older machines strictly for the sound. I dont really care about all that anymore though. At one point, I did though.

  4. I’d Argue its firstly the man, if it where the machine then we’d have a ton of akai using producers all making the same sound, though i think secondly (which wasn’t mentioned) it’s down to and individuals taste in sample material…

  5. Its mostly man but with part machine… The machine gives the particular producer the certain type of sound that they like… I tried all the MPCs but I’ve stuck with the 3000 because no other machine is beating it soundwise…

  6. I think think it’s the engineer.

    BUT I would certainly imagine if Damu expanded the memory on his MPC and was using higher bit rates it would definitely change the feel of his music.

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