DJ Muggs – Bass For Your Face (Promo)

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  1. Jesus how old is Muggs? ..leave that sh!t to the kids man, that is pretty sad …awful music …if your over 22 that is;)

    • what a dumb ignorant statement to make. sounds like some 75 year old redneck dad who just caught his son listening to an old skool rap tape.

      remember the time before rap? when cats like bambaataa, herc et al rocked blockparties, spinnin dope music from all genres…that’s hiphop – no boundaries.

      boundaries are for dimwitted sissies….and yes pretty damn sad…if your over 20 that is…lol

      • Sayin …Muggs is a Hip Hop legend …this is just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest euro craze …as I said leave that to the kids who know & understand that scene/music.

  2. Well Dubb step is not my flavor I can appreciate the love of music itself,Some don’t like Hip Hop or House {club}music to each… Age has no effect on ones desire to appreciate a certain genre of music. Muggs do your thing homie.

  3. Im all down with artistic growth otherwise we would still be listening to the same old recycled stuff but, personally, what i just heard here was total ball sacks, just in my personal opinion im not speaking for everyone.

    As a hip hop producer Muggs is up there and maybe even underrated in my opinion but i don’t think he has transitioned well and this dubstep movement is just the next burn out genre to fall into the commercial crap bin.

    Musically, i think Dubstep is only good in a club with a load of drugs flowing through your arteries which is why the next generation have latched onto it so much. This will pass when the next ‘Big Thing’ comes along.

    I dont hate on this music, it just don’t move me or gets my feet tapping.

  4. Dubstep to me is like Trip Hop in that their both watered down version’s of two far superior genres. I also respect music enough not to judge people and the music they choose to play or create. Dubstep is not for me but if that’s something you’re into then that’s cool with me.

  5. As usual in the Cratekings comments section people are so lovingly receptive to any one doing something different. Please don”t ever chance because the price of bacon will go up!!!!

    here something you can’t understand……………………….

    • dubstep isnt different its was chill when not everyone knew how to make the bass wobble but now my grandma could do it muggs is just 4 years late and if you are goung to do it at least do it right but didnt everyone move onto juke anyway ?

  6. EXPAND YOUR HORRIZONS! I applaud Muggs for finding something new in music to be excited about. He has the feeling that we are looking for in the same stuff we lsiten to time and time again. Don`t ever be pigeonheld by the same stuff ,do something different.

  7. my only issue is, If a hip hop artist does music in a different genre he is credited with having grown. Kinda dumps on hip hop. I dont consider that growth or regression. I consider it making music in another Genre. in this case one that alienates all of his hip hop fans, lol.

  8. I dig some dub step stuff. But it gives me a headache after a few minutes. Kinda agree with all these posts. Props to Muggs for expanding into new genre… but Dubstep? Hm.

  9. too much testosterone at the dubstep spots…

    the scene needs more chicks who can groove, instead of a bunch of dudes trying to look hard.


    • just like going to a hip hop show especially if its some underground shit a bunch of white guys with fitteds graphic ts and hoodies and oh wait somebody just started a fight and the 2 girls that were there are leaving

  10. I’m on my phone so I can’t check the clip yet.

    Just wanted to add….If I’m not mistaken Hank Shocklee has been working on some dubstep shit for a while. I wonder what cats would say about it?

  11. Respect to Muggs for developing his sound through dubstep but if the tracks in the video are anything to go by then I’m not holding my breath.

  12. I think it’s an exciting time for electronic music. The beat scene, glitch-hop, and dub step. It’s all good for ‘Hip Hop’ culture. Look at the prestigious Ninjatune Records. They embrace it all, and in turn put out amazing releases. Of course there is going to be really good and bad music in any genre. Muggs is trying to stay contemporary. You can’t really knock the guy for trying. I mean, look at some of his production credits. I see more and more djs incorporating instruments, midi controllers, or losing the turntables entirely. I havent been this excited about music since ’98! Progression people!

  13. Can’t hate on Muggs for trying to stay relevant , I rather hear the old Cypress Hill Muggs but music has come to this and all that radio garbage so this is what dummys buy and like. I support Muggs as a loyal fan.

  14. a couple of years ago i only listened to hip hop music, but now i’m also into electro, pop music, etc. i think as an artist it is necessary to expand one’s horizon! dj premier listens to rock music, so what?!

  15. what you are saying about dubstep was said about hip hop which kind of shows your ignorance.

    Music progresses and even stuff like hip hop will eventually sound dated and goofy, dismissing dubstep as drug music is like dismissing hip hop as stoner and gangster music, stereotypes that have no relevance and are fuelled by poor commercial rip offs and the media.

    Go to a good fucking club with a good fucking line up and see if you can still say the same old shit about dubstep.

    p.s Muggs is shit at dubstep

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