Busta Rhymes Talks Personal Producer Beat Stashes

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  1. damn…just hope Kev is gettin paid for these…I don’t wanna see him complaining about not being able to live off making music anymore…

  2. I agree @ Juiceboxjackson! I think this is great though! Let’s get Busta back on the gutta shit! I’m lovin that he has those “beat” stashes so he can stay on the REAL hip hop grind & not the pop shit! Hopefully Kev Brown gets a lot more shine because he deserves it! He comes with his own unique production style! Who was it that said it best about Kev Brown, Kenn Starr when he said Kev was “king of the basslines”, lol! “Don’t get it confused it ain’t just loopin up some stuff & calling it the sound of culture!” Kev Brown is the man, very much slept on IMHO!

  3. Kev Brown better not let the stash get to big with Busta. He needs to learn from the past mistakes of the greats and learn what obviously Premo and Large Professor already know about this grave robber.

    Ms Yancey is still trying to collect her share of the Dillagence mixtape. She also complained about how he became extreamly hard to get in contact with after the tape had been released. Also Busta released numerous tracks without permission and without payment. That caused many Beats that had been placed on upcoming projects for other rappers after Dilla’s death to fall through because of Busta releasing them as various street singles and also for his full mixtape. Worst off he talked about how close him and Dilla were and how great of friends they were however when Ms Yancey came out and said she was struggling and was in financial issues because she was not seeing any money from the influx of J Dilla material Busta went on hiatus and for once had no comment.

    Busta has become the Bust.
    Its been 10yrs since anything worth listening to has come out of this mans mouth, wouldn’t we all agree its time to move on to the leaders of the new school(Corny Joke) and allow a new flavor for the ear.(Trying for catchy name drops)

    Lets not make a legend or hero out of Busta Rhymes his large budget commercial/lyrical failure of an album (It flopped on both accords) is one of the reasons this industry is failing. You have an album executive produced by Dr. Dre and you cant sell 10 copies. Sorry your time has passed you by. You will make a hell of a hype man but your time as an artist has come and gone just like the rest of the native tongues groups or solo artist spin offs for that mater.

    Maybe Busta should call Charlie Brown Dinco D, and Milo discuss THE COMING events and “Keep it Moving” cause it just ain’t 1996 anymore (A little better but still Corny)

    Sorry to attack Busta on the Kev Brown tip. Man is amazing and I really hope he can get that career changing placement or single to put him in that elite category in the rest of the worlds minds eye. Its inevitable and Kev Brown don’t need Busta’s stamp of approval to become great (He already is great, so maybe perceived by the industry as great would be a better way of putting it).
    Just ask Spliff Star how great his stamp his.

    If Hov was smarter he would have used Kev Brown like he did Just or Kanye for “The Blueprint 3” maybe then it would have been another classic instead of just another Jay-Z album

  4. Well the beats that were used on “Dillagence” were given to Busta by Dilla. Mrs. Yancey did not sue,the former lawyers of Dilla`s estate sued. Ma Dukes and Busta had a understanding that those beats were givent to him by Dilla. He got salty about the lawsuit which was not her doing. Sad situation,but Busta was wronged on that end.

    • Thanks for correcting me sir,
      “I haven’t talked to [Busta] in some months,” revealed Mrs. Yancey. “It was heartbreaking for me that communication was lost. And it was specifically because of that, because I’m sure that [the old estate executors] made it seem like the family was after him for [money]. And the family had no knowledge of [the lawsuit] until after the fact. And [it] definitely was against the [family’s wishes]. We all love him personally. We all know him personally. And it just really did something to me because he’s looked out for me since Dilla’s passing, as if he was my son. And so it hurt me to no end. I’ve tried to reach him, but I haven’t had a response. And I could certainly understand why, but I don’t stop trying [to reach him]. I always send messages through everybody and anybody that would have contact [with him]. I just keep it out there and send the love regardless.”

      Never read vibe so i definitely didn’t read the article till this morning.

      But thank you again for the corection

      Still think its been 10yrs since he has done anything worth listening to

      • I dont know what the full story is but it doesnt really matter if it was Mrs. Yancey or Dillas estate asking for money. If Dilla gave beats to Busta then theyre obviously good friends but if Busta cant help out his “friends” mother in times of need, especially after making change off the back of her sons beats, then… yea. Bad news.

        Still looking forward to hearing Busta on some of Kev Browns beats though.

        Hopfully this will become a trend because, ive said it before and il say it again, i need to hear Nas on some “underground” beats man!

  5. I cant think of a more deserving producer to give props to. Lets stop playing arm chair industry insider and pay attention to what this video is. Its a veteran realizing that Kev Brown is a genius and complimenting him on it. Kev Brown is a great source of inspiration for me personally and I am extremely happy that he is being publicly recognized by an artist with a profile as high as Busta’s. Great vid!! Shout to Peter Rosenberg for making a legendary connection.

  6. i actually heard the joints kev brown did on the new bus album… as a producer on the new busta album .. kev brown came wit that shit.. i kid u not… dude is NIIIIICE!!!!

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