Kev Brown Flips Sheb Wooley Live At Fat Beats LA

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  1. You know, this videos cool and all, and I love Kev Brown (D.C. STAND UP!!!!), but I just don’t find watching someone tediously chop up a sample very informative or entertaining. I guess you could get something out of watching this, but its just boring to me.

    • The level of entertainment is probably somewhat dependent on your experience in production. I imagine that some newer producers or even those just interested in different ways of doing things may find his method interesting.

      What would you be interested in seeing instead?

  2. This is exactly what I would expect you to post on here, don’t get me wrong. If I found this video somewhere else and didn’t see it on here then I’d think you were slackin! So don’t think I’m calling your video selection in to question.

    That video with Tha Bizness and DJ Khalil where they name specific plug-ins and get real down and dirty with the tips is the kind of video I LOVE. But how often do videos like that come around? Not very often I take it. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks. Your comment wasn’t taken in a negative way at all. I was sincerely interested in feedback about what you’d like to see more of. Unfortunately, like you said, really detail heavy video like the Tha Bizness and Khalil are few and far between.

  3. I love this stuff!! Kev Brown is one of my favorites. Even if its just him chopping a sample its still pretty inspiring. If nothing else it puts me in the mood to get on my equipment.

  4. man, this kind of stuff gives me instantaneous inspiration…never stop posting stuff of this nature!!!

    sometimes I think I start making stuff too difficult on myself and then a nice Kev Brown video comes along like this one and reminds me just how easy it can be to make an extremely dope beat…just strip it down and get back to the basics!!!

  5. I’ve had the chance to meet Kev Brown a couple times and he’s a real nice dude. He’s came to Rochester New York a few times to do shows since Hassaan Mackey is from Rochester (Low Budget). I even had him autograph my copy of Life’s a gamble as corny as it sounds but he’sone of my favorite producers. I first heard him on Kenn Starrs Starr Status album on the track “Relentless” If you have’nt heard that song go find it, that beat is bangin! I’ve seen him make a couple beats live too. One beat he made he used a completely different method just ptiching things and it was amazing.

  6. I wanna see the rest of that vid. Looked like Thes One was bout to rip the mic after that dude. Big up’s to Nugz, ROC Native.

  7. well for me a producer doesnt have to give tricks

    i got my own methods and this video was dope .
    i dont see where people comming from by saying””That video with Tha Bizness and DJ Khalil where they name specific plug-ins and get real down and dirty with the tips is the kind of video I LOVE <—- to me sounded like a producer that doesnt know stuff so he needs to check what others use :S wich makes no sense at all cause every producer has to work what he works best with and trust me even in fl you got better plugins then what khalil or biznis mentioned and if you dont know it you just dont know fl or any other program that have simular plugins

    power fl user =swiff d
    power reason user =dj klhalil
    power abalton user=dj jazzy jef

    all these cats have smashing drums and all use diffrent stuff

    its your knoweldge of your piece of ""equipment""every program outhere has plugins that can be used for stuff they wasent meant for

    kev brown is dope he flipped the beat really dope people have a opinion but never do what kev brown does

    who cares what you think or a other think whats best ,whats best for you?

    • Yeah, so what maybe I don’t know “stuff”. Maybe I am trying to learn from the greats. I don’t see where you’re coming off by criticizing my methods of learning from other producers.

      I use Logic just like Tha Bizness what the fuck is wrong with hearing them name drop some good AU plug ins and checking em out? You’re trying to drop some knowledge and you just don’t make any sense by commenting on my original post.

      • b dolla said “”You’re trying to drop some knowledge and you just don’t make any sense by commenting on my original post.””i tought just that there is no sense in your opinion haha cause i listen his beat he made on the spot then i listend your beats and i didnt feel where you where comming from cause obvious you dont really sound like a pro i dont know howlong you beeen making beats but if you critize someone make shure your better or bring what he can do 😀 thats my honest opinion yo ,i dont say your beats are trash or whatever they dope in their way

        • What? I never criticized Kev Brown. I fucking love Kev Brown. Again, YOU make no sense. I’m done with this. Everything you type is a struggle to understand.

          • yeah its not the main lanaguage that i use

            but indeed in english is hard to express yourself on the right way 😀

            and yeah kev brown is dope i think he,s underated

  8. Nice video. Kev did his thing with the Sheb Wooley Cougar Serenade record. And I see that LA don’t sleep. I gots to get there cus they stay live.

    BB$ #BANG!

  9. I watch all of Kev Brown’s videos! He moves quickly on that MPC. He can basically turn sounds into songs. Did you hear what he started with? Thats what i look at. How well did you turn coal to a diamond. If you dont get something out of this video then you must not be a learning producer because all producers are constantly listening to get ideas/inspiration. You shouldnt be told specific’s because every scenarios different.

    • Dude, I learn from hearing the before and after of a sample>beat, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the tedious chopping and sample searching thats in this video that I found unnecessary.

      I don’t see anything wrong with learning from specific details when it comes to shit like naming plug-ins and what not.

      • Sometimes, the best thing it’s not getting from point A to B, it’s the journey you make to get there.
        For me, sampling it’s about the journey. And watching this video, the “journey” of Kev Brown, it’s a window to is creativity. And it’s like Bing said…watch closely how from a single set of sounds, he flips them to a single but ill beat!


  10. I watch every kind of beat making video or any interview any producer i like does..for one its just inspiring. sometimes u do learn a thing or two from closely watching what they do..its not because u want to do or be exactly like that producer or beat maker. its just because if u like a certain style u want to find out what it is that makes their music hot to you..Building off that and than creating ur own style..i mean how many people try and make a j dilla type beat making the timing off and adding a clap under the me thats completely copying a style..everyone should study who they want to study but realize what makes them unique than go find a way to make yourself unique….peace

  11. Its simple …….if you find watching Kev Brown (or any other producer) chopping samples boring, fast forward past it.
    Or dont watch any of it. No one is forcing you to watch it.

    • Guys, seriously. It was just one little comment. Its not like I started flaming the guy. I didn’t come on here saying, “KEV BROWN IS WACK. THIS VIDEO SUCKS. FUCK CRATE KINGS.”

  12. I love watching people chop. It’s like watching what they think or feeling at the moment. Inspires me, give me ideas and even expands your knowledge by learning about who they’re using or what genre that is that maybe you can d.i.t.c for. Big ups to this post. Thanks again Semantik.

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