Grandmaster Flash On Early Hip-Hop, Breaks, Vinyl

731 thoughts on “Grandmaster Flash On Early Hip-Hop, Breaks, Vinyl”

  1. I remember this clip. Classic. Grandmaster Flash was my biggest influence at a very young age. “The Message” was my 1st Vinyl Record along with “Planet Rock” when I biked to the record shop back in Jersey with my lawn-mowing pay.

    Way back. Good to see (in the other clip) GMF still deejaying. I was in Vegas once when he was spinning a party at Caesars Palace where I was staying but I didn’t attend since the special “host” of the party was to be Paris Hilton…I figured “how much could I possibly enjoy the playlist if she’s hosting the party?”

    Definitely would love to catch him some time in the future though at a different venue.


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