Maestro Harrell On Open Labs Neko LX5

9 thoughts on “Maestro Harrell On Open Labs Neko LX5”

    • no it doesn’t this is basically a PC on roids in that case just build your own custom PC for a cheaper price

  1. Who cares if it’s PC or Mac? As long as the beats bang nobody cares! I mean i’m always interested in what equipment people are using. I have my own preference. I think both platforms have come a very long way and have proved they can go against each other.

    Respect to everybody

    Peace yall!

    • nahman macs r reel hip hop and pcs aint shit also mpc is best though my cuzzin got one of thm mpcs hookd up to his labtop with reasons and logics and with lots of pro drums that only the legnds use like dj premier jay dilla (rip) qtip dr dre(rip) and sum new shit thats not reel hip hop but makes the most gwap cause nikkas in the streets need that shit for tha street yamean. but u need the best speakers(monitors) from my nikka chad from guitar center with gud cables its prolly 3g’s to get started and then you can make reel hip hop(rip)

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