Justin Timberlake x Polow Da Don w/ Roland Fantom-X6 and Open Labs NeKo

312 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake x Polow Da Don w/ Roland Fantom-X6 and Open Labs NeKo”

  1. put some bass synths under those keys and u got something

    the loops in garage band do suck but the hits you can get with the drums in it is pretty sck
    I have heard that the riri song umbrella was done in garage band.

  2. @Cai
    Was not a shot at GarageBand users, but referred to the controversy surrounding Polow Da Don’s alleged use of GarageBand stock sounds in some of his work.

  3. @Semantik
    Crazy, I forgot all about that…lol. I got Logic and Protools, and GarageBand is the easiest, to use right now…so I’m on it. I was feeling some type of way about that comment…


  4. they got a good groove going here. Was Polow trying to hide which plug-ins he was using? Looks like he pushes the camera out the way at one point.
    cool vid

  5. Some people hate Fruity loops or GarageBand, because lets make beats so easy, so fresh and so clean.
    Everybody uses samples that somebody know.
    Its all about competition…the goal its the final song!
    Good or bad…I really dont care about the software.

  6. Hey,

    You all know the Garage Band incorporates the same sounds as Logic Pro right? In fact the Instrument CD’s that come with Logic Studio are the same exact ones the ou can get as extra sets with Garage Band!

    Don’t clown on what someone uses to make music! If it makes your head knock it makes your head knock!

  7. the usher track and the use of garge band loops is not alleged. its real. The loops are in there and right next to each other in the list. I went looking for them and found them myself.

  8. wronnnnnnng. What you meamt to say is the Jam Packs are included in logic pro so you can install jam packs and get some of the logic studio sounds. Although you can not get anywhere near the “sound” out of garage band that you can in logic studio. This is because you don’t have the FX, Channel Strip settings, etc, etc. Garage Band works but it is like a very very very stripped down version of logic. And it by all means doesn’t have anywhere near the sounds Logic Pro has. Where all the synths? Wheres the ES2? ES P? etc etc.

    Logic Pro > Garage Band… but if you can play the keyboard you can make good beats in either. Logic is just much more fun and infinite.

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