Easy Mo Bee Says “Hip-Hop Has Been Watered Down”

Another must see Easy Mo Bee interview as he gets deeper into the story of working with Miles Davis, the freedom and flexibility provided by sampling, the true essence of hip-hop, and even delivers a Miles Davis impersonation.

Later Easy Mo Bee tells the story of becoming connected with Puffy and Notorious B.I.G. during the early days of Bad Boy, working with Tupac, and his last moments with Biggie and Tupac.

Notable Quote:
"Hip-Hop has been watered down in a super commercial kind of way right now."

1,065 thoughts on “Easy Mo Bee Says “Hip-Hop Has Been Watered Down””

  1. so dope – this is gold – Miles, man, I can’t even imagine sitting down with him –

    dude is like on some Zen shit – like if you want to sound stupid, that’s ok, say some stupid shit, but you gonna look stupid –

  2. Can u Imagine??? working with Biggie, Tupac, Miles Davis, Gza, Craig Mack (Just to Name a few). Mo bee was always the man to me!!!! Him and Primo!

  3. I think this is one of the best interviews I have seen (content-wise) but the title of it leaves a little to be desired, it doesn’t sum up the content of the video. Just my honest opinion

  4. @The king
    Not the most constructive comment, but thank you.

    Titles aren’t always chosen for the purpose of simply summarizing content. When appropriate, titles are chosen for the relative importance and impact of statements made at some point during the video, story, or interview.  In this case, it’s significant that the producer of a number of classics has expressed disappointment in the direction that hip-hop has taken.

    Also, it’s very interesting that at this moment there are approximately 1400 individual posts, but yet the only comment you’ve ever left is criticism over a post title.

  5. @ the king

    you damn right its also one of mine best interviews i ever have seen bout hiphop ! this was bout some serieus history from the 90’s !

    and i got to say semantik is right with his knowledge of pickin a title !

    great site always !



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