Willpower / Supahot Beats 2.0 Boys Scratching Footage

Producer Willpower / Superhot Beats takes viewers in-studio for footage of he and Kawan “KP” Prather scratching over the beat for “2.0 Boys.” XXL Magazine drops a quick interview with the producer as he tells how the project initially started and how he became involved with it.

“We were out in Vegas working on Wolf’s album [Radioactive] and we were just vibing out and the A&R over at Shady, Riggs Morales, came out to see what kind of progress we were making working on Wolf’s stuff,” he told XXL . “I had already done the framework of the beat. They just thought it would be really dope to make a posse cut out of it. So he took the beat back to Em and it just went down from there. Next thing you know, we have a dope record.”

Read the complete interview over at XXL

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  1. Yelawolf did a lot of work in ATL before he got signed to Interscope. Lots of producer friends of mine have done work with him in the past. They’re all rooting for him to breakout big.


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