Beastie Boys @ The MiniMoogseum (Asheville, NC)

Classic hip-hop goes hand in hand with classic synthesizers. The Beastie Boys were on hand to cut the ribbon on the MiniMoogseum, an eight foot high showcase dedicated to the life an work of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog. Check out an artist’s conceptualization of what the ultimate Moogseum should look like when finally completed in … Read more

Bob Power On The Nature of Great Music

If there’s anyone who’s capable of articulating the substance and meaning of a great song, it’s Bob Power. In a promo for his upcoming course at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the legendary engineer (A Tribe Called Quest, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, De La Soul) and Adjuct Faculty Member of The Clive Davis Department of … Read more

The Unauthorized Biography of Just Blaze

OTA tells the story of Just Blaze’s childhood love for vinyl, musical influences, and multiple career power moves.  Peppered with various samples from Just Blaze’s extensive discography, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Just Blaze offers valuable insight into the talent, skill, and hard work necessary for a successful career as a music producer. Download: Parts 1 … Read more

Pete Rock Talks Record Conventions And Favorite Producers

Unkut presents an informative Pete Rock interview where he brings up learning to sample from Eddie F, top production influences, and the virtues of working by yourself.  An interesting tidbit is that Pete Rock never puts together beats with the artist present… a far cry from the current trend of producers making the claim of … Read more