The Unauthorized Biography of Just Blaze


OTA tells the story of Just Blaze’s childhood love for vinyl, musical influences, and multiple career power moves.  Peppered with various samples from Just Blaze’s extensive discography, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Just Blaze offers valuable insight into the talent, skill, and hard work necessary for a successful career as a music producer.

Download: Parts 1 & 2 and Part 3

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1,544 thoughts on “The Unauthorized Biography of Just Blaze”

  1. this one post started the “Who’s Better: Yeezy vs. Just”

    cracked plasma screens, broken MPCs, bacardi spilt on consoles, broken glass….

    if i had only taken pics..

  2. Here here. One of the greatest to ever do it…changed the whole game and still doing his thing…hope he’s on Js new album…love JB.

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