Grandmaster Flash Demos Analog vs. Digital DJ’ing

382 thoughts on “Grandmaster Flash Demos Analog vs. Digital DJ’ing”

  1. MAKES ME WONDER…WHAT WAS A PARTY B4 THE DJ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. “It’s called a WAV file!”

    Come on Flash, we already know how DVS systems work. But there ain’t nothing but truth in we wouldn’t be the same without that 70’s period.

  3. @ ves . leave grandmaster flash alone . Im not a dj but I know he’s the man you heard.If he created the dj he created rap cause without the dj how could there be rap ? I go back as far as I can remember africa bambatta.Look where hip hop is today.The music is not as good but they made away that got alot of us out the ghetto.Im not gonna write a book lol Good Post!

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