Pete Rock: Behind The Boards w/ Cypha Sounds

DJ Cypha Sounds drops a very important interview with none other than Pete Rock during the second installment of his Behind The Boards series, which aired this week on Sirius’ Shade 45.  Pete gives insight into the making some of his most notable tracks with some very entertaining commentary from Cypha Sounds.  My favorite segment … Read more

Ervin “EP” Pope: Making Beats And Networking

Producer/Keyboardist Ervin "EP" Pope (Jay Z, Kanye West, Brandy, Twista, G-Unit) talks about his musical history and gives a gold/platinum plaque tour our his studio.   He speaks about staying humble, networking, and being equipped with any musical tool he could possibly need.  The last video show him at work creating a track using multiple keyboards … Read more

Digital Audio Workstation Techniques Workshop

For those in the New York area, the Manhattan Producer’s Alliance is presenting a workshop entitle In The Box: Modern Digital Audio Workstation Techniques.  The class will provide an in depth look into the art of mixing using digital audio workstations including demonstrations of specific mixing approaches and techniques using real life examples.  The measly … Read more

Rza Guitar Center Sessions Panel Discussion

Wu-Tang’s RZA about his sound and approaching the sampler from the point of view of a musical instrument.  He tells the story of Roland making house calls to fix the MV-8000 and importance of staying true to your personality, while panel members touch on keeping an open mind when exploring music.  

Wonder Arillo Talks Engineering, Production, And Networking

Producer/Engineer Wonder Arillo talks about the original sample for T.I.’s "What You Know" and working with DJ Toomp.  Most importantly Wonder also touches on helping Toomp setup Pro Tools to get his foot in the door, having a real feel for the music vs. programming, and  what young producers should be doing to get ahead.

Easy Mo Bee Drops Wisdom And Production Stories

Certified classic beat maker (Miles Davis, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack), Easy Mo Bee talks about his very first job, getting started as DJ, and making the move to production.  He also tells some great stories about work with Puff and B.I.G., making Craig Mack’s "Flavor In Your Ear" in his underwear, and musical changes in … Read more

Hank Shocklee Interview: Production Pioneers And Classic Music

I’m a sucker for Hip-Hop history, especially when it comes to people who’ve revolutionized music production.  Public Enemy mastermind Hank Shocklee talks about inventing many of the production techniques that are currently still being used by producers, the creation of the Bomb Squad, and creating classic vs. commercially successful albums.  Shocklee also discusses the importance … Read more

Havoc – “I’m The Boss” Sample Breakdown

In case you didn’t recognize the sample, it was already made famous by A Tribe Called Quest for “Luck of Lucien.” That’s ok though, it’s alright if the Tribe sample wasn’t familiar… it’s also fine, and not altogether unusual, that a classic Tribe beat was redone for fresh ears. What really threw me off was … Read more

Steely Dan Production Techniques – Deja Vu Uptown Baby – KNS, Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz

Sometimes we have to step out of the bounds of Hip-Hop to gain production knowledge and techniques from other genres. Donald Fagan and Walter Becker of Steely Dan were arguably the greatest perfectionists whose studio genius is undeniable. They were perhaps best known for their intense layering of sounds, perfect transitions, and endless studio takes … Read more