Slim Kid Tre & Imani (The Pharcyde) On Jay Dilla

726 thoughts on “Slim Kid Tre & Imani (The Pharcyde) On Jay Dilla”

  1. J Dilla will live forever through music… I always play at least one Dilla track in all my of sets… no matter if its a “Hip Hop” crowd or not. If you really look at his catalog he really has a sound to please just about any ear.

  2. LAbcabincalifornia…is a masterpiece…its in my top 10 forever…This is about Jay Dee but i must to say that Pharcyde are genius…Moment in time, running, she said….OMG what a nice tracks!

  3. Dilla was and is one of the greatest producers period. He was a beast at hip hop, venturing into jazz at times,and in my opinion if nont the father,one of the fathers of the neo-soul movement.

  4. Anybody know how much a slum village record is worth that never got released on mca. It has a drawing on the cover of the city.

  5. Samn thats was a short but dope video, I always enjoy those when you hear true artist talking like kids, mesmerized and still in love with that shit. Dope!

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