Alchemist and Oh No “The Sickness” Behind The Scenes

22 thoughts on “Alchemist and Oh No “The Sickness” Behind The Scenes”

  1. The thing about the Gangrene album is its SO raw, i mean RAAHHHH raw, yet at the same time the production and engineering is so precise, not easy to achieve.
    Goldwatch is a monster btw, I’m not sure any other directors can match him.

  2. How can you say those beats were average or below average??
    They sounded pretty damn good to me. Even coming out of car speakers into a camera mic and all

  3. How can you say those beats were average or below average??
    Damn, people act like you cant have your own opinion. I’m not hating. I just honestly didnt like them. I have fav producers and I dont like everything they make.

        • Has everything to do with this site this is Hip Hop Diggin Music Alc Oh No is that , Lil wayne drake is Hip Pop now if you feeling hip pop you use these phrases nuff said , epic millie swagg keep it one hunded erbody and i can keep going, then that would explain why you aint feeling Alc.

          • Who said they werent feeling ALC?? Not feeling what you heard and not feeling someone as a whole….2 completly different things.

  4. Whoa, @ 2:30, they didn’t make a beat with one of the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory songs?? That was pretty dope, lol!!! Not that sampling tv or movies is so different, but I just like what they used. My motto for sampling is “sample anything”, lol!! I thought the vid was sick myself.

  5. I ain’t gonna front…the only beat that was hot was at 2:30….other than that…the rest was wack. Not to hate on ALC but it is what it is.

  6. Those tracks were solid at best. I’m a fan of ALC and oh no. Just not feeling what I heard. Yeah, yeah, I’m a hater…

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