Spring Record Cleaning At The Night Owl Record Show

Oregon area record collectors take note! Spring is upon us, so grab a wad of cash and a stack of unused records and head on over to the Night Owl Record Show. The next show will take place in the evening on Saturday, April 17th at Portland Eagles Lodge. A portion of the proceeds will … Read more

Inside Roger Steffens’s Rare Reggae Archives

Babylon Falling delivers a tour of Roger Steffens’s incredible Los Angeles reggae archives.  The author, archiver, and radio host opens the doors to his personal collection and reveals a compact museum that would leave even the most prolific and organized enthusiasts in awe. During the tour Roger Steffens nonchalantly explores various chambers and sections of … Read more

Abbey Road Studios Mastering Engineer Pressing Vinyl

Sean Magee, mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios, shows off the legendary studio’s vinyl lathe and album cutting process. The engineer explains some of the history behind vinyl production and technical considerations such as lateral (volume) and vertical (phase) movement that are key to sound reproduction.

Clean Vinyl Records With Wood Glue aka The Vinyl Facelift

All vinyl collectors and DJ’s share the same never ending annoyance, dust and grime on records. To deal with these issues, more adventurous vinyl collectors have tried more than their fair share of DIY methods and treatments, some of them a little crazier than others. This particular treatment happens to include, of all things, wood … Read more

Kon & Amir Digging @ Amoeba Records

Famed DJ’s and crate diggers Kon & Amir dig for disco and more at Amoeba Records.  The duo shows off a number of finds, including Michael McGloiry, Kellee Patterson, Zingara, Googie and Tom Coppola, Lorraine Johnson, King Tutt, Herbie Hancock, and Willie Bobo.

United Record Pressing Plant Tour & History

Adam of United Record Pressing gives a tour of the plant, explains the process behind manufacturing vinyl, and presents a brief history of the the plant’s building, including the origin of the Motown suite.

Mayer Hawthorne – Dusty Fingers Segment

Mayer Hawthorne hits the crates to mine some gems.  During the trip he explains his love for vinyl, purchasing multiple copies, and the value of common records. You look for like names on there that you might know.  You look for instrumentation.  You look for labels. The label says a whole lot. It’s not rare, … Read more

Funkmaster Flex’s Live Holiday Breaks Mix

Kood DJ Red Alert and Funkmaster Flex gave New York radio listeners a Christmas Eve holiday treat with a live classic breaks mix.  Anyone want to play name that tune?