A-1 Records: Inside The Vinyl Vault

Face masks are a must.   One of the world’s premier vinyl spots, A-1 Records opens the doors to its basement archives to reveal some of the never before seen stacks of music treasure. The store’s vinyl specialists explain the significance of A-1 Records within NYC and tell tales of encountering producers, crate diggers, and music fiends … Read more

Groove Store Record Shop Footage (Paris)

Typical record store videos fall into the category of extraordinarily ordinary.   However, anytime vinyl footage is combined with a soundtrack such as “Free Soul” by John Klemmer, it becomes a vitual must view.    Here’s a tour of the smaller sized, but seemingly well stocked Groove Store Record Shop located in Paris France.

Crate Diggers Record Convention 1 Year Anniversary

The 1 year anniversary of the Crate Diggers Convention takes place on Saturday, September 26th 2009. Crate Diggers Record Convention Saturday, September 26th 2009 12-5pm Entry Fee: $5 Bombay Bar & Grill Ventura, CA Visit Natural Habitat for more info.

J-Zone’s Top 10 Record Diggin’ Stories

Dante Ross features a guest from none other than producer/crate digger J-Zone who lists his Top 10 Adventures in Diggin’.  J-Zone tells tales of his top 10 record digging adventures, which include rare rare demo tapes, crazy dollar bin finds, record store heists, and a store that even Large Professor reportedly refused to dig in. … Read more

Night Owl Record Show (Portland) Fall ’09

The nation’s first night time record show will reconvene on Saturday, October 17th, 2009.  Positive transactions promise to be in full swing with collectors and DJ’s swapping vinyl, food, and drinks. "A portion of the proceeds from The Night Owl Record Show will go to benefit KBOO, Portland’s nonprofit community radio station." Night Owl Record … Read more